About 360Life


My core principle on day zero, as a trainer, was to influence as many people as possible to lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle through training.

My journey started 13 years ago as a Fitness Instructor, at Health and Racquet Club in Cape Town. From there I went to the U.K where I worked as a Personal Trainer and trained over 1000 clients. Through this, I built a huge brand in the industry and was head-hunted to manage Personal Trainers at a top sporting facility before jet-setting around the world as a Private Trainer to high profile clientèle. Although this would be the pinnacle for most trainers out there, it didn’t feel right for me. It was, however, a great opportunity to self-reflect, realize my training was cutting edge on an international basis and meet other trainers who shared the same passion towards fitness.

Chris TrainMy enthusiasm to train people, thirst for knowledge, ability to motivate and hard earned, substance free, physique were major contributors to my success as a trainer (and hopefully in that order.) So I decided to put my key attributes to the test and setup my own gym in my favourite city, Cape Town.

360 Specialized training was formed to provide an unique career path for Personal Trainers where my education, training style and gym philosophies are passed on to allow an even greater audience achieve results which were previously not thought possible and have a taste of the ultimate gym experience.

With 360 installed, the training principles proven and a loyal following, I now look to continue my quest by sharing my views on all aspects of fitness through my blog, 360Life.

It focuses on success stories, interviews, insight into gyms and trainers, event and sport specific training routines and my own fitness programs.

I hope you enjoy…Chris Walsh

Chris Walsh