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6 Unbelievable Benefits of the Snatch

1. Better Core Stability Core stability is more NB than core flexion (sit-ups and crunches). The more stable the core is, the more efficient you are and the more solid your movements. You’ll also be better at resisting force and flexion, so snatch proficiency – contrary to popular belief – can reduce your risk of […]

Ladies, get your Deadlift to 70kgs ASAP!

99% of girls with an average age of 30 with 5-10 years of gym experience either have never done the exercise or do it with 20kgs! I’ll show you how a 70 year old lady, minimal training experience got there, only training 2-3 times per week. First of all, if you are not doing them […]

Turkish Gets Up’s for the Cool Kidz

Legend has it that when old-time strongmen were asked to take on an apprentice, they would show their applicant a single movement: the get-up, also known as a Turkish get-up. The teacher would tell his would-be apprentice to come back when the applicant was able to perform it with 50kgs. Then the real training would […]

Toned Tank Top Arms

In today’s fitness industry, women are mislead into thinking that they must protect their bodies against meaningful strength training to avoid getting too bulky and masculine. But when it comes to achieving “toned arms” fluffy sets of 100 curls with the pink dumbbells just won’t do it no matter what the latest female fitness magazine […]

Athletic, Strong & Feminine Legs

Athletic and feminine legs are the ultimate goal for women who want shapely, powerful legs without them being too big or masculine looking – functional and lean with muscle tone. Just plain HOT! When we talk legs, we basically are talking about the whole package, after all they are the biggest muscle group in your […]

Secrets to a Beach Volleyball Physique

Many women admire the look & athletic ability of a female beach volleyball player – lean, toned, sculpted shoulders, strong legs & washboard abs. The great news is that this desirable body is achievable without even stepping a foot in the sand. The key is to break down the movements of the sport and apply […]


Lifting – Are you doing it right?

What I’ve found is that even though there’s tons of information, trainers & gyms out there, the craze to ‘lift’ has been very blurred regarding the specific rep ranges and/or training phases. So I’ve put something together to provide you with more insight, as after all, the strength & power phases, when done correctly, are […]


Boxing Workout

Boxing is a fun way to fight fat and get fit. Even with the basics, you can have an intense, blood-pumping cardio workout in minimal time and get maximal results when it comes to a lean, toned and ripped physique. The jab and cross are the basic punches which when used effectively can be devastating […]


Medicine Ball Workout

  Lunge forward & back with twist into Push-ups with rotation on ball Standing with ball on chest, go forward into a lunge, work with 90 degrees in both legs and make sure your front knee doesn’t track over your foot. Stay in a lunge, extend ball out in front and rotate to side, keeping […]



Guys & girls, it’s time to own those yoga pants & boardies, bust out a sweat and become a metabolic machine. You’ll be gasping for air, your muscles will be on fire, your mind will be looking for every excuse to halt, however you will persevere, quitting isn’t an option and will never be again. […]