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Cable machines are so good for one reason: because they’re functional. Used properly, they allow you to do exercises that you could mimic in everyday life, such as twisting, lifting, bending, and reaching. Much like the movements of life, exercises done with a cable machine require more core stability than do traditional weightlifting routines. These […]


Breaking Plateaus

Your programs should be planned, periodised and follow specific training principles to allow continued progression, constant overload and promote adaptation. Usually programs should consist of a 4 week cycle where stability, strength and power are addressed and target different muscular adaptations depending on your goals. Generally these would include neural (strength), morphological (shape and size) […]


TRX – Suspension Training

The trend of the new millennium in sports programming is in-arguably functional training. This trend has had tremendous impact not only in how we go about training but in the modalities we are using to achieve our goals. With this departure from isolated action, there has been an increased demand for exercise modalities that are […]


Fear. It’s the number one barrier to living confidently.

You experience it everyday in small and large doses. You don’t do something you want to do because you are afraid. You do something you don’t want to do because you are afraid. Fear is the little demon that sits on our shoulders, holding us back from growth, success, fulfillment and happiness. In our modern […]

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The Skeleton of a Running Specific Strength Program

A successful running program MUST HAVE a conditioning program alongside to assist in achieving maximal performance and prevent overuse injuries commonly associated with running. Common injuries: • Shin-splints • Plantar Fasciitis • Anterior knee pain 1. The warm-up: – Should be specific to the exercises you are going to do with the session – Should […]


Summer Sinew

  It’s time to get shredded for summer with a full body functional power circuit which is made up of series of neuromuscular demanding body-weight exercises mixed with cardio, which are done in succession and focus on short high intensity work which forces the body to accelerate, decelerate and dynamically stabilize forces upon, within and […]


Strength Training for Running

  Running is a complex action relying on an efficient muscular system to allow enhanced performance, pain free movement and longevity. Therefore it is of upmost importance to have a strength and conditioning alongside your running specific program so that you can enjoy many more miles in the sport that you love. While basic exercises […]


Making it functional & exercise prescription.

The primal movement patterns 1. Squat 2. Lunge / Step 3. Bend 4. Push 5. Pull 6. Twist   It’s all in your head! What do I mean by this?…well all patterns of movement are stored in the Central Nervous System (CNS). Whenever we want to do something, the CNS directs our muscles and joints. […]


Nutrition Plan

  What follows here are just a basic background on nutrition and should not be taken as a prescription to prevent or cure any disease. What would be explained are just some of the basic requirements for the specific goals of weight gain, weight loss and maintenance. The basic food sources are protein, carbohydrates and […]


We have created a complete new gymming experience…

At 5pm & 6pm daily, we have 4-6 FUNctional classes happening in an open plan environment. It’s ABsolutely buzzing with like-minded people wanting to be fit & healthy. The young (except Chris Walsh), energetic and helpful trainers guarantee results and it’s a heavenly gym experience that is in a league of its own – where […]