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We have more gyms yet we are unhealthier!

I’m not surprised, as we can attribute this to the so-called professionals leading them. With the drop in health, a slightly above average person or even a socialite wanting to monetize their popularity, can take the lead and yes, if this is not addressed soon, the level will just continue to plummet. We have done […]


The Hype Behind Tight Tush

“Multi planar compound leg exercises, loaded up with resistance, stimulates the neuromuscular system and not only promotes a cardiovascular response which assists with weight management but also gives you that perfect peachy posterior that you desire! Get those deep glute muscles firing with pistol squats, lunge variations & plyometric leg exercises!”   Why did it […]

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Stop Binge Eating

If you can’t stop bingeing, then the first thing you need to stop doing is dieting. Diets do not work. Just to clarify, when you go on a diet, your intention is to eat a certain way for a temporary period of time, usually until you reach your weight goals. This sort of thinking will […]


Is Your Weight Loss Fat Loss?

  We’ve all stepped on the scale after doing a juice cleanse for a few days and were impressed with the reading on the display.” WOW, I’m down 4 kilograms! So, why can’t I get into these jeans?” You moan, as you suck in your gut and strain to do up the button. No amount […]


Flexibility & Foam Rollers

“Use it or lose it!” … You must have heard this expression before and it definitely applies when it comes to stretching your body.   Here are some of the benefits of stretching: •  Improves flexibility – Become flexible. It allows you to push your body beyond its comfort zone, increasing your overall physical ability. […]


6 Month Running Program for a Half Marathon

Month 1 •  Goals: focus solely on improving aerobic endurance and remaining in an aerobic heart rate training zone 100% of the time. • Frequency: I would recommend three days per week with a long run of 4-6km during week one. Month 2 • Goals: focus again on improving aerobic endurance. • Frequency: three days […]


Let’s kill all the excuses!

I don’t have time to workout… Incorporate physical activity into your daily activities. Cycle to work, take the stairs instead of elevator, or sit on a stability ball rather than a chair. If structured exercise is more your style, plan regular times to exercise each week. After awhile, exercise becomes a habit like brushing your […]

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The Idea of Health vs Real Health

Let’s face it, everybody knows that being healthy is a very attractive attribute to have, but are you using it to enhance your life, which it should, or just to look good for others? We’ve often noticed that people only value their health when it is seriously challenged i.e. after an accident or disease, & […]


360 Product Testing Results

So we tested our product & here are the results… Four test groups were used (min 25 people) between 18 – 50 years old, both genders*, over a 12 week period & participants trained 2-4 x’s per week. They each got a combination of two types of classes,on offer at 360, and a gym program, […]


Debunking the revenge body…

Before gyms and fitness magazines jump onto this craze to motivate you to train, we’ll give you a lot more insight to show that it could actually be more harmful than good. The fact that you are seeing the word ‘revenge’ already means that it’s not coming from a positive space, so while it can […]