Class Schedule

Time Mon Tue Wed Thur Fri Sat Sun
06h00 KB CB WW BF FF
07h00 BF WW CB KB US
08h00 CB
09h00 TT
10h00 WW BF KB CB KB
12h00 CB KB BF WW
13h00 WW BF KB CB
17h30 FF
19h00 TT NB TT US

Classes on Offer

Our New Beginner Class – Whatever your fitness! Whatever your goals! A great place to start your 360 journey and healthy lifestyle. By strengthening your core, aligning your posture and removing imbalances, your primal movement patterns will be restored and allow you to go play.

New Beast *All fitness levels 

Anything and everything goes in this crazy class where the instructors conjure up a metabolic treat with all their 360 knowledge.

Fitness Frenzy*All fitness levels

This is our signature style class where the trainers get to freelance with their advanced knowledge of functional training with all the equipment at their disposal.

*Intermediate fitness levels

Address the entire body as a unit simultaneously while vaporizing fat, scorching your lungs, demanding new strength, rehabilitating weak areas and improving your overall level of conditioning.

*All fitness levels

A ladies only class where the focus is on base conditioning consisting of balance, flexibility and core conditioning, alleviating imbalances making you more efficient and ultimately making you a MACHINE!

*All fitness levels (Ladies Only)

Official classes focussing on various aspects of Female Fitness. Are you looking to get toned, radiant, ripped, confident, strong & healthy? Than this is perfect for you 🙂



Official Bikini Body classes

Mon 7pm – Strength
Tues 7pm – Cardio
Wed 7pm – Bodyweight
Thurs 7pm – Core & Abs
Sat 9am – Mix
Sun 4.30pm – Yoga

*All fitness levels (Ladies Only)


A relaxing class designed to realign and enjoy a combination of stretching from yoga to self-myofascial release exercises and everything in-between.

*All fitness levels

An up beat boxing class where you learn to improve technique, develop co-ordination and increase your cardiovascular capacity through sparing, bag work and fitness drills.


*All fitness levels

It’s time to elevate the heart rate, bust a sweat and get an endorphin high in our hybrid cardio class.


*All fitness levels

For 360’s Elite, It can and will be everything from Olympic lifting to insane power circuits transforming training into a sport.


* Advanced fitness levels (Must Qualify First)