Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)?
1. How long will it take before I see results?

Everyone’s body is different. Various factors play a role in determining whether you see results and in what time frame these results will occur. Body Type, Training Program (Frequency/Intensity/Volume) and diet all play major roles in determining whether one will see results. Usually within 3 months bodily transformations are visible. A 12 week training program is always a realistic and viable place to start. (See some testimonials)

2. What is H.I.I.T.?

High Intensity Interval Training is a style/mode of training that is popular and favourable as it combines high Intensity periods of training with relative intervals of recovery. Usually creative programs that combine resistance training as well as aerobic conditioning ensure that the individual gets fit fast while encouraging the body to enter the fat burning zone keeping those unwanted Kilo’s off.

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3. What are kettlebells?

Kettlebells also known as the Giraya have been around for centuries. They resemble an age old cast iron cannonball with a handle. Training with a kettlebells offers various physical benefits such as cardiovascular, strength and flexibility improvements. Contrary to traditional dumbbells, instead of having the weight centred in your hand, kettlebells require the individual to work with displaced weight, which requires the individual to rely greatly on often unused stabilising/secondary muscles.  A wide variety of ballistic, rotational and stability movements are used when working with kettlebells. A fantastic tool to scorch fat and build muscle.  (See our signature Kettlebell Classes)

4. What is Functional Training?

Functional Training is different to conventional isolated training as it requires the individual to work in multiple planes (Frontal, Saggital, Transverse) while using multiple joints as well as  multiple muscle groups in order to perform selected movements. Functional Training often has a more realistic carry over to everyday activities as well as sport. Functional Training forms the backbone to sport specific/related training as well as encourages improved postural alignment and core stability. While isolated training does have its place in all gym environments, a creative and periodized approach to exercise type and selection is encouraged at 360.

5. Can I use the facilities at will?

Absolutely. We have dedicated one side of the gym for own usage. The features (Boxing Area, Obstacle Course, Track & more) can also be used outside class times. Need assistance with own training, check out our programs: 10kg Weight-loss, Beginner, Intermediate & Advance

6.  What does a complimentary session entail?

A complimentary session is a opportunity for the new client to introduced to the gym by one of the trainers. The 45 minute session entails a postural and biomechanical assessment, goal setting as well as a tour of the gym. Any questions pertaining to training or pricing can be answered during this session.


7. Is 360 Specialized Training an ordinary gym?

360 is a full on functional training facility, with a high focus on results. Take part in our awesome variety of fun & challenging classes (class & descriptions). You also can do your own training and have access to Personal Trainers. See How 360 works

8. What facilities does the gym provide?

The gym provides a range of functional training equipment, a climbing wall, boxing area, obstacle course, track, rigs, lifting platforms, sweat towels, water stations, as well as changing rooms and shower facilities. (See facilities)

9. Must I bring my own sweat towel?

Often we encourage our clientèle to bring their own sweat towels however if you happen to forget we do have sweat towels for you to use on premises.

10. Does the gym/trainers provide diet plans?

While trainers are not qualified sports nutritionist and or dieticians recommendations can be made with regards to diet. 360 would however recommend that you book an appointment with Alex Blairas she is the in house dietician, more than qualified to give you an assessment as well as an eating plan.

11. What are the operating hours?

Mon  – Fri: 06:00 – 21:00

            Sat : 08:00 – 13:00

12. Do I have to make a booking for classes?

No bookings need to be made for classes. We are happy for you to rock up and enjoy the experience with the other clients and trainer on duty. See class schedule

13. How long is a class?

Classes are 45-50mins. The intensity of the classes will make you feel fulfilled and craving more. Go flat out and get the benefits of one or go steady and double up for more endurance.

14. What are the different membership options?

We have short term 8 class passes to cheaper long term fixed contracts. Personal Training packages available too.
(See 360 Offering and pricing)

15. Is the gym only for Athletes?

360 caters for all types of people ranging from sedentary folk, corporates, housewives, models, athletes as well as those individuals seeking injury rehabilitation.

16. Is there space to safely store my personal belongings at the gym?

The gym has lockers to store gym bags and personal belongings. Lockers specially designed for cell phones, wallets and or small items such jewellery are soon to be installed.

17. How is 360 different to other Cross-training Gyms?

We tend to find that other cross-training gyms throw you straight into the power phase of training. Although this is the intense and fun phase of training, it is also the phase, you are most susceptible to injuries. We believe that you need prior conditioning, focussing on correcting muscle imbalances working on flexibility and stability and gaining strength through good movement patterns. This will provide you with an improved axis of rotation through each joint, where the body operates more efficiently. This is where we believe that you will gain greater benefits from your power phase and be at less risk of injury.

18. What is periodisation?

360 specialized training takes great pride in drawing up periodised training programs for all clients functionally and creatively taking their bodies through various transformations. Periodisation is the art of program design, working backwards from your goal, in the attempt to accurately set up a training program that will ensure progression in a steady and safe manner. our phases of training include Base Conditioning (stability & flexibility), Hypertrophy, Strength and Power.

19. Are the trainers qualified to conduct corrective and rehabilitative training?

Some trainers  are qualified and specialize in certain areas of corrective and rehabilitative work. If you so wish to be assessed by one of them all you have to do is set up a complimentary session and they will take it from there.

20. How do I suspend my contract?

If you are going away on holiday, have a family crisis or alternatively a business trip and need your contract to be suspended, no need to worry, all you need to do is notify your trainer and fill out a suspension form. Otherwise sending an email to info@360training.coza will suffice. Upon your return sessions will resume as per usual.