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5 Unique Fitness Experiences in Cape Town

Yoga & Surf Where: Muizenberg Beach  Parking: Muizenberg Pavilion or Surfers Corner Parking Lots  Duration: 2hrs-3hrs The Experience: Get down to the beach and join in the Community Sunrise Yoga.  It happens weekly depending on the weather, so make sure you follow Annabel to stay in the loop. It’s from 6.30am, for an hour & […]

Dissecting the 360 STRONG Class – The End

As we generally focus on the big movements in the main body of the workout, which naturally include the legs, we turn to bodyweight exercises for upper body strength. We feel that a combination of calisthenics and OCR exercises, not only give you the most aesthetically pleasing but also functionally capable body.  By focusing a […]

Take it Outdoors

Our style of training, although done inside, is extremely conducive to sports & outdoor activities.  Where calisthenics exercises & pull-ups will give you much needed upper body strength to obliterate many of the challenges dished up in an Obstacle Course race, improving fundamental movement patterns in the legs & correct kettlebell training will bolster your […]

The 360 Body

Due to getting taught movements and various types of training, including kettlebells, lifting technique, calisthenics, HIIT cardio & strength, you naturally get an aesthetically pleasing look alongside enhanced performance. So while our training compliments outdoor activities & sports very well, we’ll look at what you can just get through our class methods. MEN: broad shoulders, […]

More about our 360 STRONG class…

An excellent starting point to hone your skills, with informative coaching, in a progressive format, which will turn you into functional machine – conditioned to make training into play. Learn: Lifting techniques, Kettlebells, X-Fit skills & Calisthenics Improve: Posture, Functional flexibility & Movement patterns (Bend, Lunges, Squats, Press, Pull & Twist) Feel: Stronger, Sculpted, Athletic […]

Calisthenics 3


  Shrouded in the obscuring mists of time, Grecian athletes, Shaolin monks, Spartan warriors and Indian yoga guru’s alike have honed their minds and enhanced their skills by learning to control their bodies. The word Calisthenics comes from the ancient Greek Kallos (κάλλος), which means beauty, and Sthénos (σθένος) meaning strength. While the Greeks are […]