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6 Month Running Program for a Half Marathon

Month 1 •  Goals: focus solely on improving aerobic endurance and remaining in an aerobic heart rate training zone 100% of the time. • Frequency: I would recommend three days per week with a long run of 4-6km during week one. Month 2 • Goals: focus again on improving aerobic endurance. • Frequency: three days […]

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The Idea of Health vs Real Health

Let’s face it, everybody knows that being healthy is a very attractive attribute to have, but are you using it to enhance your life, which it should, or just to look good for others? We’ve often noticed that people only value their health when it is seriously challenged i.e. after an accident or disease, & […]


7 Cool Fitness Activities to do in and around the CBD

It’s amazing how many fitness activities are right on our doorstep in and around the CBD and often under-utilised. We have the commercial things which get absolutely swamped by foreigners in the summer months, however we have access to these all year round, so we’ll show you some new cool ideas to be healthy and […]