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5 Unique Fitness Experiences in Cape Town

Yoga & Surf Where: Muizenberg Beach  Parking: Muizenberg Pavilion or Surfers Corner Parking Lots  Duration: 2hrs-3hrs The Experience: Get down to the beach and join in the Community Sunrise Yoga.  It happens weekly depending on the weather, so make sure you follow Annabel to stay in the loop. It’s from 6.30am, for an hour & […]

The 360 Way

The basis of our training is strengthening movement patterns, removing imbalances and making you body more efficient. We do this by creating an overload on your current physical capacity which is known as the alarm phase (Often feeling stiff & causing slight detraining at first). With structure & steady progression, you’ll resist & adapt to […]

Obs Train


The key to be a bullet proof obstacle course warrior is to develop functional, total body dynamic strength & power so that you are at your most efficient to deal with any challenge cast on your path. Bodyweight movements derived from gymnastics are a great way to increase your mobility and functional capacity to allow […]


Steady state vs Interval Cardio

  It is common to hear fitness professionals and medical doctors prescribe low to moderate intensity aerobic training (cardio) to people who are trying to prevent heart disease or lose weight. Most often, the recommendations constitute something along the lines of “perform 30-60 minutes of steady pace cardio 3-5 times per week maintaining your heart […]


The Skeleton of a Running Specific Strength Program

A successful running program MUST HAVE a conditioning program alongside to assist in achieving maximal performance and prevent overuse injuries commonly associated with running. Common injuries: • Shin-splints • Plantar Fasciitis • Anterior knee pain 1. The warm-up: – Should be specific to the exercises you are going to do with the session – Should […]


Strength Training for Running

  Running is a complex action relying on an efficient muscular system to allow enhanced performance, pain free movement and longevity. Therefore it is of upmost importance to have a strength and conditioning alongside your running specific program so that you can enjoy many more miles in the sport that you love. While basic exercises […]