We are judged by our clients as they decide our success or failure. It’s not an industry where you can just rest on your laurels, every second of everyday we have to be in peak form. Have a read through a few of our client testimonials and be inspired.

“I believe 360 Specialized Training and their professional trainers are the best there is, if you expect quality results from the effort you put in then you need to make sure that you have the most productive techniques available, and that is what 360 Specialized Training offers.

I like that 360 is exclusive, that I train with a group of like-minded individuals along with a trainer who is hands on with advice and the motivation I need to keep going when I slack. The interpersonal relationships which the 360 team have with all clients is also the extra touch of client service which I appreciate.”

Jade Fairbrother (Playboy Playmate of the Year 2012, Model, presenter and actress )


“I began training at 360 in mid 2010. Before that I had never trained properly or taken my fitness seriously, as I’d always found gyms a little intimidating and conventional training methods boring.

Thanks to the specialized techniques and programs I was introduced to by Chris and the 360 team, I was inspired to take my fitness and training seriously. Within a few months I had completely transformed my body and since then I haven’t looked back. In my experience, 360 is the perfect way to get in shape, stay fit and keep healthy and have fun doing it.”

Ty Keogh (actor, model and filmmaker) 


“360 provides diverse, effective & fun classes. The trainers are experienced, professional and really help motivate you. They encourage you to perform at your best, while making sure you are doing things in the correct way. The staff is always friendly and willing to help. 360 makes us feel at home & gets the job done! 360 has really changed the way we view training in a gym-there is always such an awesome vibe, everyone there is serious about keeping fit and appreciating and using your body to its full potential! Every training session is unique, fun, functional and we feel great every time we leave 360! The classes that 360 offers are all awesome and offer such variety, from stretch classes to boxing, tight tush for us girls, warrior workout is wicked, to kettle bell classes and even outdoor training including trail runs, hikes, paintball etc! 360 offers it all and we really look forward to every one of our sessions!”

– Roxane & Simone Van Rooyen (Sports Illustrated Swimwear Models)

Greg Goodall“As a multi-sport endurance athlete I need someone who understands the
demands on my body.

360 is all about Functional Training – what we do in the gym translates into
gains out on the trail and on the bike.

Chris keeps the workouts specific to my needs but varied and always
challenging the body.He buys into my goals and supports me in achieving them.” – Greg Goodall (Top SA trail-runner/ironman)

Osnat“I came to 360 when I was incredibly overweight and seriously unfit, through the gym and my trainers I have done a 180 on my life, changed the way I think, eat, sleep and mostly how I look at myself.  Even after my accident I still carried on training, before I started at 360 I would have given up, not anymore, knowing that I am getting stronger and healthier is constantly motivating me to continue and to broaden my horizons and to try new things. My life has completely changed, the way I view myself most importantly but also 360 has given me a new group of friends and an entirely different way of life, I would never go back!”

Osnat Gropper 


“I’ve been training with Chris and the 360 team for over a year now and haven’t looked back! Prior to starting with Chris I thought personal training was for hardcore fitness fanatics or professional athletes (or the very wealthy). My view has changed completely! I now see personal training and exercise in a very different light and have done things over the last year I never expected I would be able to do.
Chris and his team ensure that your fitness routine is challenging, interesting and suited to you. The variety of exercises is amazing (fitness is achieved through a variety of fitness techniques and apparatus) and although the sessions aren’t easy the trainers motivate you to get through.
The 360 team are incredibly professional, they value customer service and ensure that they themselves stay at the cutting edge of their industry.
The results are great;  you feel healthier, fitter, more confident but most importantly motivated to keep it up.”

Elli Yiannakaris (Director of Raymond Ackerman Academy)

Justin H Pearce“What can I say about 360 except that it has entirely reshaped my views on what a healthy lifestyle is! I packed on 20kg’s of “Holiday Weight” over 3yrs (where I almost contemplated eating a labrador – see attached pic) & was staring down the barrel of obesity & being called “Lunch Box” & it’s ugly cousin “Male Pattern Baldness”.

What started out as a way to lose weight so as not to be a fat bald guy, which was achieved in the first 3 months going from 97kg’s & 28% body fat to 82kg’s & 14%, has become a two & a half year journey of becoming stronger than I’ve ever been as well as ticking off fitness challenges, as Chris Walsh once told me “Why do you just want to be Strong, why not be running Fit as well”! We’ve created a Team of 4 like-minded guys known as “The Awesome Foursome” who I’ve trained with for more than 2years & it is about more than “Gym”. This is a Way Of Life. 360 Specialized Training is an holistic experience where trainers even went as far to experience my first Half Marathon & even ran it with Me! I HIGHLY Recommend them!

P.S. During this time nothing could be done to save my hair.” – Justin Haley Pearce

Michelle Gadd“360 Specialised Training has provided me with a life altering experience.  For someone like me who found it difficult to commit to any gym or exercise regime for any extended period of time, the individual attention, high standard of expertise and the genuine interest of my trainer in my personal development is something I have not found anywhere else and has resulted in me achieving goals I didn’t believe possible.  For me 360 has meant a life-style change, continued motivation, cameraderie and personal achievement in the most amazing environment. From the unique training style,  committed trainers and motivating environment, 360 is the total package.  To Chris & 360 – I couldn’t do it without you!”

– Michelle Gadd (External Consultant at INVESTEC)

Justin Roome

“360 Specialized Training has successfully provided me with a unique tailored and results driven experience suited to my specific personal training goals. The team at 360 has challenged me in all of my day to day training  as well as to compete more competitively during my sport specific  endeavors (specifically representing South Africa at the Touch Rugby World Cup in Scotland -2012 and competing in the Ironman 70.3 -2013).  During my 2 plus years as a client at 360 the training has remained innovative, challenging and most importantly non repetitive. This is why I believe 360 has evolved to become the top results driven facility for specialized high intensity personalized training in Cape Town and surrounds.”

– Justin Roome (SA Touch Rugby)

“Its not easy balancing a lifestyle that involves late nights, smokey clubs, and way too much tequila… 360 has helped motivate and encourage me to find this balance, and keep fitness and health a priority in my life”

Dean Fuel (Top SA DJ)

Tertius“I have been with 360 Gym since it’s opening! During this period I have seen it grow rapidly from a few members to a gym that is in the process of expansion to it’s second venue ! If you are looking for your average gym where your personal trainer’s input is to adjust the weight of your equipment then this is not the place for you. 360 is all about a passion for training off the beaten track ! What I like most about 360 is that all training techniques is based on using your core! I have been training for 25 years and 360 has given me a new enthusiasm for training in a gym! 360 will change the way you think about training . Join them and take your training and body to a different level!” – Tertius Jordaan (IT systems analyst)