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Take it Outdoors

Our style of training, although done inside, is extremely conducive to sports & outdoor activities.  Where calisthenics exercises & pull-ups will give you much needed upper body strength to obliterate many of the challenges dished up in an Obstacle Course race, improving fundamental movement patterns in the legs & correct kettlebell training will bolster your […]

Packing a Punch

The addition of BoxFit classes to our schedule is proving very popular. As a gym mainly built on improving movement & increasing strength, this is a fantastic outlet to see your new found efficiency & performance.  The more technical aspect of it, makes it a snug fit with the rest of our concept, where we […]

Our Secret Weapon!

With lockdown forcing gyms to close, we put one of most tried & tested pieces of fitness equipment to the sword.  Rather than just doing the stock standard bodyweight workouts, we decided to lend our kettlebells to our members & follow the Zoom trend.  We knew with just one weight, we’d have to increase the […]

Why are we suddenly seeing results?

It’s pretty simple in theory… an overload principle. The training must exceed the current capacity of the individual to create a stimulus which must first be adapted to & then built upon.  The reality is most people joining us, have been involved in some sort of previous physical activity over the years. Mainly a combination […]

The 360 Way

The basis of our training is strengthening movement patterns, removing imbalances and making you body more efficient. We do this by creating an overload on your current physical capacity which is known as the alarm phase (Often feeling stiff & causing slight detraining at first). With structure & steady progression, you’ll resist & adapt to […]

The 360 Body

Due to getting taught movements and various types of training, including kettlebells, lifting technique, calisthenics, HIIT cardio & strength, you naturally get an aesthetically pleasing look alongside enhanced performance. So while our training compliments outdoor activities & sports very well, we’ll look at what you can just get through our class methods. MEN: broad shoulders, […]

How do I Start?

As simple as it seems, many people find this the hardest step & yes, it can be quite intimidating. So we’ve answered some FAQ’s, to put your mind at ease & get you on the path to body greatness – feeling vibrant, looking hot & living strong. Will I be the only beginner? The good […]


Training in Covid

It’s obviously a very trying and testing time, however, just as the world has ground to a halt, your training definitely shouldn’t. The majority of people are working from home and generally self training and this is where a set environment (gym) or lack of motivation (coach) has really challenged everyone on a fitness front.  […]

Safety Paramount at 360!

With gyms able to trade in the new level 3 regulations, as stipulated by government, we are open & training again in 2021. Due to the severity of the spread of the Corona virus we are placing as much emphasis as possible on creating a safe environment, even if it’s to the determent of our […]

More about our BOXFIT class…

An upbeat & fun cardio class that will elevate your heart rate and leave you dripping with sweat as you scorch fat & get ripped. We’d definitely recommend partnering this up with our 360 STRONG class for best results.  Learn: Basic punch technique (Jab, cross, uppercut & hook), Combos, Kicking & Body movements Improve: Cardio […]