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In the modern age, the demands of work are greater making health more of a necessity to endure the stressors of everyday life. With the evolving fitness industry at its ripest & so much out there, it’s difficult enough to gain the knowledge to what is fad or fact, have the time to research and experiment with different fitness concepts, let alone the financial resources to keep starting over.

We have a wealth of knowledge on functional training at our disposal, so we have created programs with a systematic approach, using tried & tested methods in a safe, fun and effective manner which will guide you to body success and offer you  the healthy and active lifestyle which you  crave – whether it means being able to take a flight of stairs or run up a mountain.


10kg weight loss

If you are carrying excess weight, and want to strip it off to be more mobile and efficient, the 10kg weight loss will deliver precisely that. Mainly done in a circuit style fashion with a bit more cardio thrown in, it’s a great calorie burner and the ideal place to start to build stamina. Get your body moving, develop a routine and learn to relive that feeling of being a hot mess, dripping with sweat and feeling like you’ve given it your ABsolute all – there is actually quite a bit of ab work included.

Beginner Program

The beginner program is also a starting place for those new to training, a regular 2-3 times a week gym goer looking for something new which is going to deliver results or are crossing over from the more isolated approach of body building/ old school training and need an introduction to the hype.

The focus is on flexibility & stability, improving movement patterns with a lot of emphasis on strengthening your Lumbar Pelvic Hip Complex providing you with a good base to increase your lean muscle which will ultimately be your cure to long term body fat reduction. The use of full body movements will also elevate your heart rate and you will receive all your cardiovascular benefits while working on everything else – no need to choose between resistance or cardio! To reduce time, you can even do this at home because all you need is a kettlebell, light object/medicine ball, mat and a Swiss ball. You’ll be amazed at the variation combining yoga, pilates, body weight & kettlebells in an addictive endorphin releasing fashion which will leave you wanting more while your body, in the fabric sense, needs less.

Intermediate Program

The Intermediate is directed at those who already have a decent knowledge of functional training, are consistent gym-goers and want to be pushed that little bit more, actually a lot more. You need to have a thirst to be destroyed, otherwise gain the confidence & conditioning in the Beginner Program first.

Advanced Program

Last and definitely not least we have an Advanced Program, it will probably collect dust short term, but it is there to wet the appetite of the brave. Lets just say, no matter your prior conditioning, it’s best to conquer the Intermediate before progressing as this will equip you with an even more efficient system to endure and get the most out of the Advanced. The Advanced is the only program which requires you to belong to a gym, the others can be home-based.


We hope you find the programs beneficial and please keep us updated with your progress on our social media platforms:

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