Do You Want to Lose 10kg in 90 Days?

360XBT 10kg Weight Loss

10kg’s or 22 pounds in 90 days? Can you do it? Can you lose 10kg in 90 days? Well, I know you can. With the right tools, this goal is a piece of cake…actually no cake allowed…lol. But seriously, you can do it because 360XBT is going to give you ALL the tools to make sure you do.

How would you feel 10kg smaller? Sexy. More confident. Energetic. Comfortab

le in your clothes. Healthier and vibrant. Less pain…

What would you be able to do 10kg lighter? Enjoy the beach. Play with the kids. Engage in a favourite sport. Run a marathon. Participate in a fitness event/challenge. Function better in your job. Think about it because you deserve every benefit!

So, how will you lose 10kg in 90 days and get all  those benefits and more?

lose 10kg in 90 days

We are introduced an new entry level in 360XBT. And the first thing you need to know is that, you are NOT going to diet. We don’t diet at 360XBT. No way. I like to eat so we eat well. What we do though, is RESET the systems, detox the body and then learn a lifestyle of proper nutrition. You’ll discover how to eat to Build Your Physique from the Inside Out. You’ll eat to become the healthiest version of yourself and fuel your body and life in ways you never have before. You’ll eliminate some old food enemies, you’ll discover some new nutritional friends, you’ll even learn how to enjoy some of your all time favourites the right way while you lose 10kg in 90 days.

And to make that all very easy for you, you will receive multiplied 100’s of recipes, 4 nutritional e-books and daily coaching with expert tips and information to guide you every step of the way.

It will transform your waistline and your life. I promise!

And then, you are going to get moving. God gave you joints so you can move and enjoy life. And to get you going, you’ll receive a special functional training workout plan…3- 30 days plans in fact. It will be an entry level program yet one that will challenge you and build your foundation for a progressive journey to lose that 10kg in 90 days.

You’ll receive your workout in password protected, secret web pages along with a brilliant e-book on training. PLUS, you will receive Tuesday and Saturday bonus cardio workouts directly in the secret group. And of course, there will be daily coaching and expert information on this element of your journey to lose 10kg in 90 days as well.

And if that isn’t enough, you will be learning how to knit it all together in a powerful community for a lifestyle of health, fitness, strength, vitality and abundance. So, basically, we will provide you the effective tools of whole foods nutrition and functional fitness, wrap it in a powerful community for support and accountability and then undergird it with daily expert coaching so that that your journey to lose 10kg in 90 days becomes far more than a diet…it becomes a lifestyle that will empower you for life.

You have one body, one life and we want you to LIVE it to the fullest.

And, when you succeed, we will GIVE you a FREE membership to the next level of 360XBT! That is a R900/$99 value…yours for FREE when you lose 10kg in 90 days in this entry level 360XBT challenge.

Talk about no excuses. Folks, there are NO excuses here. We give you the tools, the coaching, the information, the support and everything in between so that you succeed, lose 10kg in 90 days, transform your life and then keep going on the journey of a lifetime!

So now it is time for ACTION. We give you everything you need but you have to take the action and apply it. You can take that first action step right now and sign up for this challenge to lose 10kg in 90 days or any of the other 3 levels of participation .  No delay, no excuses. 


“Transform Your Body in 90 Days”

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transform your body in 90 days


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transform your body in 90 days


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transform your body, 360 1 year membership

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