Longterm Goals…

A mixture of strength and cardio. Wants to see improvements in compound full body movements – Turkish Get Up, Dead’s & Squat and wants to be able to do Muscle Ups to assist in his passion for OCR’s

What is the biggest difference you found training at 360 to any prior training experience? 

Unlike most training facilities, it doesn’t feel like effort to get myself to the gym, I’M ALWAYS EXCITED TO GO, it’s actually become the highlight of my day. I find it refreshing knowing that I do not need to spend hours planning an elaborate workout routine for myself, Chris sets up the best circuits and routines, all I need to do is show up and do the work!

Having all the training in ‘an instructor led’ class format also helps to keep everyone motivated while we all feed off the awesome vibe and energy. 360 has a awesome culture and Chris has built a great community for us to be a part of.

I have had great results within a very short period at 360, my confidence has grown and I’m feeling physically and mentally stronger than ever before!

What’s your favourite class & why? 

I enjoy the boxing class a lot, it is seriously fun learning the techniques and taking my frustration out on the heavy bag, however, my favorite class is 360 Strong…… I love the intensity and difficulty of each class, being able to push my limits and seeing my progression is super rewarding.

I have seen some awesome results in fat loss, muscle gain and overall fitness which has carried over into my trail running, I feel stronger and more comfortable in my longer runs.

Weight Down 3.2kgs
Body fat Down 7%
Lean body mass Up 3kgs
Fat mass Down 6.2kgs
Waist Down 5cms