Longterm Goals…

Wants to increase lean muscle mass & reduce body fat while working to both strength (whole body) & power output goals. Focus on achieving 100kg deadlift & 5 unassisted pull-ups and improving her efficiency on the rowing machine.

How have you found working with a plan & structure?

Walking through the gym door, I didn’t find myself all over the place with no direction, trying to figure what next to do. I had a given target, which made working towards my goals much easier. For me personally, accomplishing the first 6 week training plan & seeing the results, made me look forward to the next one. Knowing that it’ll be a progression (more difficult) it also gives me that edge to push myself and improve on the previous.

Describe what working towards performance goals rather than the obvious (weightloss/toning) has done for you? 

It has put me in competition with myself. Setting the first time on the rowing, I knew and told myself the next one I’ll have to do better, to break my own record. The other two (weight loss & toning) just fell into place. It became all about doing the best I can, pushing for new heights & challenging myself.

Weight Down 1.1kgs
Body fat Down 4.5%
Lean body mass Up 2.4kgs
Fat mass Down 4.5kgs
Waist Down 2cms