Longterm Goals…

Reduce fat mass & build strength while increasing 5km running time and building towards first half marathon.

What was your reason for joining 360?

For overall health and feeling better, as well as weight loss. I’ve struggled with my health my whole life and as I’m getting older I’ve felt less and less agile, strong and “on the ball”. Prior to lockdowns I got sick often. I have family history of cancer, and since entering my 30s I’ve just wanted to better take care of my health. Covid 19 also heightened that need.

How has tracking your progress been beneficial in helping you achieve results & maintaining motivation? 

It’s has been inspiring from a muscle-building perspective and getting my brain to shift in terms of JUST losing weight, and there has also been a shift in terms of LONG-term investment instead of seeking quick fixes as I have been inclined toward in my teens and twenties. 

I’m also enjoying that each session shows improvement in a new way – some days I feel stronger in a certain exercise, others I feel better about my form on that day, etc. The overall training has helped my mental health too. I have also enjoyed the tracking process as it has been helpful in terms of figuring out underlining health issues with the doctor, and I’m feeling more positive that the habitual working out will help my health both in general and as I age.


Weight Up 0.3kgs
Body fat Down 6.5%
Lean body mass Up 4.8kgs
Fat mass Down 4.5kgs
Waist Down 2cms