Longterm Goals…

Increase strength & muscle mass with focus on mobility & explosiveness for sporting movements. Looking to do triathlons

Has the training given you any advantages in other activities/sport outside of the gym? 

Since training at 360 the small naggy muscular strains/injuries that you get the day after playing fives football have gone.

A clear improvement on a cardiovascular level means that I can play at higher intensity and recover quicker after doing sprints on the pitch for example.

Also having this more solid cardio base allows me to be more precise and calm on the pitch in terms of passing & positioning.

How do you find training in a class format? 

Training in class format is great overall, you’re being pushed and everyone is suffering together.

Weight Same
Body fat Down 4.5%
Lean body mass Up 3.2kgs
Fat mass Down 3.2kgs
Chest Up 2cms