Longterm Goals…

Slab on muscle, maintain body fat with focus on becoming more efficient (stronger) at lifting exercises

What motivated you to start training at 360? 

Functional training is the perfect fit for my health journey. I am quite thin and was not sold by traditional gym workouts and feared injuries. After reading the 360 website I liked what the STRONG class offered. After doing a background check on Chris through his many blogs on his website, I thought to myself “Wow, this guy really knows his stuff, let me try it out, I have nothing to lose” …literally if I lose any more weight, I’d die. 

So I called Chris, described to him my physique and my intentions. He simply said, “Come through, have a complimentary class & check it out, we can definitely help you to get strong and looking athletic” he spoke with conviction but wasn’t trying to sell me the product. 

So I went and walked into a diverse class focussing on all aspects. The training was awesome, I started with the lightest weights and learnt (still learning) the techniques of weightlifting.

What has kept you returning to 360?

The answer is simple, Chris knows what he’s doing, you learn as you go, the participants in the classes are helpful, you get a full body workout. I know big “strong” guys that can’t run or even do full squats…so at 360 you build a body that you can use no matter the size. Even when I reach my body goals,  I will have endurance and be able to bend my body at will. We are building an Apex version of self. Chris is serious & kicks our asses in class, which reflects discipline, the basis of any successful fitness journey. Any gym can get you to sign up but can they keep you there? @360_st certainly has!

Weight Up 5.8kgs
Body fat Same
Lean body mass Up 5kgs
Fat mass Up 0.8kgs
Arm Up 3cms