Longterm Goals…

Total body strength in the gym, which makes her more efficient at outdoor activities- running, hiking & surfing. Wants to improve max Turkish Get Ups, Handstand ability & be able to do body weight pull-ups.

What have been the best results you’ve seen body wise training with us? 

I started training with Chris two years ago. Since then I have lost 11 kilograms and my body has become firmer and stronger. Training at 360 has given me a beautiful new relationship with and appreciation for my body and I can use it for activities I never knew I would be able to do before. I started surfing every second weekend because I am stronger and I want to take up trail running. 

I saved a pair of jeans that I used to be able to fit into in my 20’s, well I am turning 33 this year and I was able to fit into them again!

What would your advice be to any newbie joining? 

Just arrive and Chris will take care of the rest. As long as you show up, the community at 360 will support and encourage you into finding your personal strength. Classes are diverse in race, age, skill level and body type making everyone feel welcome to be their full selves. Somehow Chris remembers each newbie’s name making you feel special and welcome too.

Weight Down 1kg
Body fat Down 3%
Lean body mass Up 1.4kgs
Fat mass Down 2.4kgs
Waist Down 3.5cms