Longterm Goals…

Increase full body strength while gaining muscle mass & decreasing body-fat. Training must be functional as he wants it to facilitate his recreational activities – running & climbing.

What makes 360 the gym for you? 

360 Specialized training has done a lot for me in a manner regarding community and also building friendship and a place where I can call home in Cape Town.

How has your approach to fitness changed since training with us?

360 Specialized training is a different approach than a normal gym for me with more guidance but also building the stamina and the focus on using the correct technique for each exercise but also learning from one another in the sessions with Chris the beast, at affordable rates and in a professional manner.

Weight Up 1.1kgs
Body fat Down 2.3%
Lean body mass Up 2.5kgs
Fat mass Down 1.4kgs
Chest Up 3.5cms