Longterm Goals…

Improve running with a focus on full-body strength, aimed at doing Obstacle Course Challenges longterm.

What 3 things do you like most about 360 gym?

1. 360 gym has a diverse membership with a mix of body types and levels of fitness. The diversity contributes to a dynamic and encouraging training environment. 

2. There is a great atmosphere and a sense of camaraderie between the members which creates a welcoming and friendly space. 

3. The classes are planned out and gradually increase with intensity. The structure of the classes allows me to arrive and not have to think about what to do next which allows me to focus on my form and pushing myself in each exercise.

Apart from the results, how does going to the gym benefit you in everyday life?

I have found the physical transformation inspiring, which has encouraged me to focus on achieving other important goals in my life. I have also enjoyed the benefits of better sleep and having more energy during the day. I found that I have been more productive and focused throughout my workday.


Weight Down 3.5kgs
Body fat Down 3.5%
Lean body mass Up 1kg
Fat mass Down 4.5kgs
Thigh Down 2cms