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5 Unique Fitness Experiences in Cape Town

Yoga & Surf Where: Muizenberg Beach  Parking: Muizenberg Pavilion or Surfers Corner Parking Lots  Duration: 2hrs-3hrs The Experience: Get down to the beach and join in the Community Sunrise Yoga.  It happens weekly depending on the weather, so make sure you follow Annabel to stay in the loop. It’s from 6.30am, for an hour & […]

Dissecting the 360 STRONG Class – The End

As we generally focus on the big movements in the main body of the workout, which naturally include the legs, we turn to bodyweight exercises for upper body strength. We feel that a combination of calisthenics and OCR exercises, not only give you the most aesthetically pleasing but also functionally capable body.  By focusing a […]

Dissecting the 360 STRONG Class – Main Body

Here we focus on hypertrophy (muscle building), strength & power and our knowledge on functional training & exercise prescription comes to the fore.  Mainly focused on big compound whole body exercises, we don’t shy away from creating an overload on a particular muscle group either. So while we value big movements like snatches, overhead squats […]

Dissecting the 360 STRONG Class – Warm Up

We always kick off the beginning of a class which something which either benefits the workout or assists you longer term.  Your Central Nervous System stores movement patterns, but doesn’t distinguish between good & bad ones, so this is a great place to start addressing this. After all we all want concise & pain free […]

How Lockdown Improved our product – part 1

Part 1 – ZOOMing in We had poured capital into expanding the gym when lockdown hit. Going onto Zoom could have looked like a saviour, a new product with a relatively low buy-in and a huge captive audience. Also a huge demand in equipment for home use meant we could’ve cashed in by renting ours […]

How Lockdown Improved our product – part 2

Part 2 – The Return So now government had given us the green light to start trading. Fear was at a premium, despite a lot of our members eager to return to the gym, quite a few flat out refused & some more terminations followed. Could we have continued with Zoom, maybe, but we had […]

How Lockdown Improved our product – part 3

Part 3 – The 2nd Wave No sooner had we started and gathered momentum, we were approaching December and January, notoriously bad months for gyms, contrary to popular belief. And this was compounded by news of the 2nd wave.  Another hurdle, but with the gym closing over the Christmas period, we would tackle this in […]

Track Your Progress

“Failing to plan is planning to fail.” It’s great to just train and assume goals are being met, but it’s a lot better to set some clear objectives which are revisited, addressed & built upon. Setting smaller tasks aligned with your long term in mind allows you to track your progress & stay motivated.  While […]

The Price of Gyms

For such a competitive industry, the prices are more skewed than ever!  Since covid did you notice the ‘expensive gyms’ upping their rates by 30-40% while the more ‘inexpensive commercial gyms’ are suddenly selling themselves at half the price?  This has rattled consumers belief in the integrity of the industry, however it’s fairly simple to […]

Make it a Lifestyle

The key to a successful training regime is to enjoy it. Naturally there will be some pain and struggle when you begin, but once overcome will give you a changed life. Even though it’s available to all, only a lucky few reside here.  The decision to start takes the longest, however the first 3-4 weeks […]