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Can a blindfolded man tell you more about your body than your gym or possibly even your trainer ever has? 

Try watching the person walking in front of you, standing next to you or performing movements in the gym. Standing still, your feet point out. Look at your shoe, the outer sole of your heel is worn more. Maybe a curve in your lower back or shoulders rounded, perhaps both. Head slightly forward? Watch the […]

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Yoyo training is a thing!

It’s obviously a behaviour trait as it follows the same cyclic pattern as yoyo dieting. Actually most people are doing it but probably wouldn’t admit to it. Have you tried 2-3 different aspects of training in the last 18 months. I.e. yoga, CrossFit, boxing. We all know we are creatures of habit and don’t like […]

Stuck in another Gym Membership?

I have zero pity for you. You put yourself in a desperate position, either overeating during the festive season or not training in winter. Suddenly you need a gym, and the evolved business minds know this and are there to capitalise. Where does their money go, into marketing or upgrading the training? Just like you, […]

Was your training doomed before it began?

I’ve seen a lot of people highly motivated to start training, but in a few months completely stop, for this process to be continued in a cyclic pattern. Others are achieving the same goals they’ve already accomplished, sounds crazy, but it gives them a sense of purpose and something for others to marvel at. So […]


Are your goals S.M.A.R.T?

Create and pursue S.M.A.R.T. goals. Successful people are objective. They have realistic targets in mind. They know what they are looking for and why they are fighting for it. Healthy people create and pursue S.M.A.R.T. goals. S.M.A.R.T. goals are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Reward Based, and Timely. Let’s briefly review each: Specific – A general goal […]

5 Unique Fitness Experiences in Cape Town

Yoga & Surf Where: Muizenberg Beach  Parking: Muizenberg Pavilion or Surfers Corner Parking Lots  Duration: 2hrs-3hrs The Experience: Get down to the beach and join in the Community Sunrise Yoga.  It happens weekly depending on the weather, so make sure you follow Annabel to stay in the loop. It’s from 6.30am, for an hour & […]

Dissecting the 360 STRONG Class – The End

As we generally focus on the big movements in the main body of the workout, which naturally include the legs, we turn to bodyweight exercises for upper body strength. We feel that a combination of calisthenics and OCR exercises, not only give you the most aesthetically pleasing but also functionally capable body.  By focusing a […]

Dissecting the 360 STRONG Class – Main Body

Here we focus on hypertrophy (muscle building), strength & power and our knowledge on functional training & exercise prescription comes to the fore.  Mainly focused on big compound whole body exercises, we don’t shy away from creating an overload on a particular muscle group either. So while we value big movements like snatches, overhead squats […]

Dissecting the 360 STRONG Class – Warm Up

We always kick off the beginning of a class which something which either benefits the workout or assists you longer term.  Your Central Nervous System stores movement patterns, but doesn’t distinguish between good & bad ones, so this is a great place to start addressing this. After all we all want concise & pain free […]

How Lockdown Improved our product – part 1

Part 1 – ZOOMing in We had poured capital into expanding the gym when lockdown hit. Going onto Zoom could have looked like a saviour, a new product with a relatively low buy-in and a huge captive audience. Also a huge demand in equipment for home use meant we could’ve cashed in by renting ours […]