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6 Month Running Program for a Half Marathon

Month 1 •  Goals: focus solely on improving aerobic endurance and remaining in an aerobic heart rate training zone 100% of the time. • Frequency: I would recommend three days per week with a long run of 4-6km during week one. Month 2 • Goals: focus again on improving aerobic endurance. • Frequency: three days […]


Let’s kill all the excuses!

I don’t have time to workout… Incorporate physical activity into your daily activities. Cycle to work, take the stairs instead of elevator, or sit on a stability ball rather than a chair. If structured exercise is more your style, plan regular times to exercise each week. After awhile, exercise becomes a habit like brushing your […]

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The Idea of Health vs Real Health

Let’s face it, everybody knows that being healthy is a very attractive attribute to have, but are you using it to enhance your life, which it should, or just to look good for others? We’ve often noticed that people only value their health when it is seriously challenged i.e. after an accident or disease, & […]


360 Product Testing Results

So we tested our product & here are the results… Four test groups were used (min 25 people) between 18 – 50 years old, both genders*, over a 12 week period & participants trained 2-4 x’s per week. They each got a combination of two types of classes,on offer at 360, and a gym program, […]


Debunking the revenge body…

Before gyms and fitness magazines jump onto this craze to motivate you to train, we’ll give you a lot more insight to show that it could actually be more harmful than good. The fact that you are seeing the word ‘revenge’ already means that it’s not coming from a positive space, so while it can […]


Are you choosing the right gym for yourself?

Finding a new gym in modern times can definitely be overwhelming, but it is an important decision to make for long-term health & happiness.  You do spend a lot of time there (hopefully), including the training, the traveling to get there, the interaction with staff before & after, and also from the social activities with […]

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5 simple steps to start your long-term fitness journey

Written By: Khokela Daula Before I get you started on one of your most exciting journeys which unlocks your body’s true capabilities and let’s you really live life to the fullest, I’m going to provide a bit of insight into myself. I’m a petite girl, always been waif, but over the past 2 years I’ve […]

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  Shrouded in the obscuring mists of time, Grecian athletes, Shaolin monks, Spartan warriors and Indian yoga guru’s alike have honed their minds and enhanced their skills by learning to control their bodies. The word Calisthenics comes from the ancient Greek Kallos (κάλλος), which means beauty, and Sthénos (σθένος) meaning strength. While the Greeks are […]


Understanding the Core

The word ‘core’ gets thrown around often in the fitness world these days and in most cases loosely. So I have decided to tighten up your understanding on the importance of training the core in the right way to optimize your results. “The core works as a synergistic unit that is dynamically linked with the […]