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Dissecting the 360 STRONG Class – Main Body

Here we focus on hypertrophy (muscle building), strength & power and our knowledge on functional training & exercise prescription comes to the fore.  Mainly focused on big compound whole body exercises, we don’t shy away from creating an overload on a particular muscle group either. So while we value big movements like snatches, overhead squats […]

Dissecting the 360 STRONG Class – Warm Up

We always kick off the beginning of a class which something which either benefits the workout or assists you longer term.  Your Central Nervous System stores movement patterns, but doesn’t distinguish between good & bad ones, so this is a great place to start addressing this. After all we all want concise & pain free […]


Lifting – Are you doing it right?

What I’ve found is that even though there’s tons of information, trainers & gyms out there, the craze to ‘lift’ has been very blurred regarding the specific rep ranges and/or training phases. So I’ve put something together to provide you with more insight, as after all, the strength & power phases, when done correctly, are […]


Flexibility & Foam Rollers

“Use it or lose it!” … You must have heard this expression before and it definitely applies when it comes to stretching your body.   Here are some of the benefits of stretching: •  Improves flexibility – Become flexible. It allows you to push your body beyond its comfort zone, increasing your overall physical ability. […]