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The 360 Way

The basis of our training is strengthening movement patterns, removing imbalances and making you body more efficient. We do this by creating an overload on your current physical capacity which is known as the alarm phase (Often feeling stiff & causing slight detraining at first). With structure & steady progression, you’ll resist & adapt to […]

The 360 Body

Due to getting taught movements and various types of training, including kettlebells, lifting technique, calisthenics, HIIT cardio & strength, you naturally get an aesthetically pleasing look alongside enhanced performance. So while our training compliments outdoor activities & sports very well, we’ll look at what you can just get through our class methods. MEN: broad shoulders, […]

More about our 360 STRONG class…

An excellent starting point to hone your skills, with informative coaching, in a progressive format, which will turn you into functional machine – conditioned to make training into play. Learn: Lifting techniques, Kettlebells, X-Fit skills & Calisthenics Improve: Posture, Functional flexibility & Movement patterns (Bend, Lunges, Squats, Press, Pull & Twist) Feel: Stronger, Sculpted, Athletic […]


Lifting – Are you doing it right?

What I’ve found is that even though there’s tons of information, trainers & gyms out there, the craze to ‘lift’ has been very blurred regarding the specific rep ranges and/or training phases. So I’ve put something together to provide you with more insight, as after all, the strength & power phases, when done correctly, are […]