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Summer Sinew

  It’s time to get shredded for summer with a full body functional power circuit which is made up of series of neuromuscular demanding body-weight exercises mixed with cardio, which are done in succession and focus on short high intensity work which forces the body to accelerate, decelerate and dynamically stabilize forces upon, within and […]


Nutrition Plan

  What follows here are just a basic background on nutrition and should not be taken as a prescription to prevent or cure any disease. What would be explained are just some of the basic requirements for the specific goals of weight gain, weight loss and maintenance. The basic food sources are protein, carbohydrates and […]

Fit young woman fighting off fast food

Stop Binge Eating

If you can’t stop bingeing, then the first thing you need to stop doing is dieting. Diets do not work. Just to clarify, when you go on a diet, your intention is to eat a certain way for a temporary period of time, usually until you reach your weight goals. This sort of thinking will […]


What is 360XBT

In the modern age, the demands of work are greater, making health more of a necessity to endure the stressors of everyday life. With the evolving fitness industry at its ripest & the recession at its peak, it’s difficult enough to gain the knowledge to what is fad or fact, have the time to research […]