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Lifting – Are you doing it right?

What I’ve found is that even though there’s tons of information, trainers & gyms out there, the craze to ‘lift’ has been very blurred regarding the specific rep ranges and/or training phases. So I’ve put something together to provide you with more insight, as after all, the strength & power phases, when done correctly, are […]

Climbing 5

Strength Conditioning for Climbing

With the introduction of climbing at 360 Specialized Training, I find it of utmost importance that we as trainers can offer our clients, wanting to learn the art of climbing, the best sport specific conditioning! While a professional climber can show you the ropes as to speak (Tying knots/ balance and movement/ using handholds and footholds/ jamming and […]


Women – Training by the Decade

  Each decade of our lives, there are subtle shifts in physiology, thoughts, emotions and connection to spirit as we naturally progress through vagaries. The plan I’ve outlined here has the goal of well-being, longevity and keeping you fit to enjoy the full spectrum of active living with an understanding of human development, ageing, the […]


Understanding the Core

The word ‘core’ gets thrown around often in the fitness world these days and in most cases loosely. So I have decided to tighten up your understanding on the importance of training the core in the right way to optimize your results. “The core works as a synergistic unit that is dynamically linked with the […]

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360 – More than a Gym

No matter what happens, no matter how far you seem to be away from where you want to be, never stop believing that you will somehow make it. Have an unrelenting belief that things will work out, that the long road has a purpose, that the things that you desire may not happen today, but […]



“The key to start to appear more attractive and confident is not a small incision and a high powered hoover nor the current trend of breast augmentation surgery but something that commands power & respect and exudes confidence & high self-esteem. Sit up straight and wait for it, POSTURE!!!“   Posture is the beginning and […]

Power beast

Power Endurance- The Superhuman Phase of Training!

The Personal Training environment has been very conservative in terms of exercise prescription and has centered on the traditional body-building methodology in terms of reps and sets. Let’s not even get into your chatting getting interrupted by the occasional exercise, the ability of a trainer to stand next to a treadmill or the more important […]

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My Female Success Story

I have always enjoyed great success with female clients over the years and the secret is fairly simple. The transformations have been incredible and many of the ladies seeking assistance have now become iconic women in the fitness industry and a great inspiration to others! So fingers to Keyboard to deliver an insight into ‘FEMALE […]