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Yoyo training is a thing!

It’s obviously a behaviour trait as it follows the same cyclic pattern as yoyo dieting. Actually most people are doing it but probably wouldn’t admit to it. Have you tried 2-3 different aspects of training in the last 18 months. I.e. yoga, CrossFit, boxing. We all know we are creatures of habit and don’t like […]

Stuck in another Gym Membership?

I have zero pity for you. You put yourself in a desperate position, either overeating during the festive season or not training in winter. Suddenly you need a gym, and the evolved business minds know this and are there to capitalise. Where does their money go, into marketing or upgrading the training? Just like you, […]

Make it a Lifestyle

The key to a successful training regime is to enjoy it. Naturally there will be some pain and struggle when you begin, but once overcome will give you a changed life. Even though it’s available to all, only a lucky few reside here.  The decision to start takes the longest, however the first 3-4 weeks […]


Training in Covid

It’s obviously a very trying and testing time, however, just as the world has ground to a halt, your training definitely shouldn’t. The majority of people are working from home and generally self training and this is where a set environment (gym) or lack of motivation (coach) has really challenged everyone on a fitness front.  […]

Ladies, get your Deadlift to 70kgs ASAP!

99% of girls with an average age of 30 with 5-10 years of gym experience either have never done the exercise or do it with 20kgs! I’ll show you how a 70 year old lady, minimal training experience got there, only training 2-3 times per week. First of all, if you are not doing them […]


Lifting – Are you doing it right?

What I’ve found is that even though there’s tons of information, trainers & gyms out there, the craze to ‘lift’ has been very blurred regarding the specific rep ranges and/or training phases. So I’ve put something together to provide you with more insight, as after all, the strength & power phases, when done correctly, are […]


Boxing Workout

Boxing is a fun way to fight fat and get fit. Even with the basics, you can have an intense, blood-pumping cardio workout in minimal time and get maximal results when it comes to a lean, toned and ripped physique. The jab and cross are the basic punches which when used effectively can be devastating […]


Medicine Ball Workout

  Lunge forward & back with twist into Push-ups with rotation on ball Standing with ball on chest, go forward into a lunge, work with 90 degrees in both legs and make sure your front knee doesn’t track over your foot. Stay in a lunge, extend ball out in front and rotate to side, keeping […]



Guys & girls, it’s time to own those yoga pants & boardies, bust out a sweat and become a metabolic machine. You’ll be gasping for air, your muscles will be on fire, your mind will be looking for every excuse to halt, however you will persevere, quitting isn’t an option and will never be again. […]


Bar Workout

  Six Benefits of Bar Workouts: 1. Convenience – Bar exercises are the most convenient exercises around. You can do them pretty much anywhere. All you need is a bar and your body. 2. Fundamental Compound Upper-body Exercises – Compound exercises are important because they target multiple muscle groups and trigger a release of growth […]