How Will 360XBT Transform Your Body?

transform your body, 360XBT

In the modern age, the demands of work are greater, making health and the need to transform your body more of a necessity to endure the stressors of everyday life. With the evolving fitness industry at its ripest & the recession at its peak, it’s difficult enough to gain the knowledge to what is fad or fact, have the time to research and experiment with different fitness apparel, let alone the financial resources to pay a professional who probably still carries the flame of the Neanderthal approach to training or is beginning his journey with you as the guinea twig at his spectrum of functional mayhem!

So, What is 360XBT and how will it transform your body?

360XBT has been created so that you don’t get burned or broken and with a systematic approach, using tried & tested methods to transform your body in a safe, fun and effective manner. You will be guided to body success with performance paramount in a healthy lifestyle revelation. We have not just sifted through exercise clutter but have also addressed the much-repeated shortcomings of an exercise regime: poor nutrition, lack of motivation, time constraints, high costs & repetitive boredom.

We would have loved to have called it Healthy Body Transformation but we would have sounded like a cross between a pencil & a telecommunication company, so instead we used the word Xtreme, allowing you to look & live at a 100% of your dream body, whether it means being able to take a flight of stairs or run up a mountain. Everyone is different and 360XBT is aimed at all levels, with your goals & fitness aspirations more than catered for.

transform your body, 360XBTThe beginner program is a great place to start to transform your body whether you are new to training, are a regular 2-3 times a week gym goer looking for something new which is going to deliver results or are crossing over from the more isolated approach of body building/ old school training and need an introduction to the hype. The focus is on flexibility & stability, improving movement patterns with a lot of emphasis on strengthening your Lumbar Pelvic Hip Complex providing you with a great base to increase your lean muscle, which will ultimately be your cure to long term body fat reduction. The use of full body movements will also elevate your heart rate and you will receive all your cardiovascular benefits while working on everything else – no need to choose between resistance and cardio! To reduce time, you can even do this at home because all you need is a kettlebell, light object/medicine ball, mat and a Swiss ball. You’ll be amazed at the variation and by combining yoga, pilates, body weight & kettlebells in an addictive endorphin releasing fashion it will leave you craving more while your body, in the fabric sense, needs less!

transform your body, 360XBTThe Intermediate is directed at those who already begun their body transformation and have a decent knowledge of functional training, are consistent gym-goers and want to be pushed that little bit more, actually a lot more. You need to have a thirst to be destroyed, otherwise gain the confidence & conditioning in the Beginner Program first.

transform your body, 360XBTLast and definitely not least we have an Advanced Program,  to whet the appetite of the brave. Lets just say, no matter your prior conditioning, it’s best to conquer the Intermediate before progressing as this will equip you with an even more efficient system to endure and get the most out of the Advanced. The Advanced is the only program to transform your body that requires you to belong to a gym, the others can be home-based.

360XBT is collaboration between my advanced knowledge and experience in functional training & Carl Mason Liebenberg, the food expert and body transformation coach.

We feel the combination of our skills provides us with a complete package to guide you to healthy living and optimize your results as you transform your body. Here is a quick interview with Carl to get his thoughts on 360XBT:

Carl, you have had good success in the USA with body transformations, why the urge to create a market in SA?
First of all I now live full time in South Africa. But, more importantly, I have realized the negative impacts of an increasingly Americanized diet and nutritional system is having on South Africans. And as I did in the States, I want to spread the message of authentic natural nutrition with the goal to see lives and bodies transformed… So people can live their best most authentic lives. I truly believe that the state of our health is directly linked to the success of our lives. And the simple truth is that nutrition is the key to our health that is far too quickly watered down and even dismissed for mere taste bud pleasure.

What was your reasoning to collaborate with 360 & does this affect your current model in anyway?
I saw in 360 something I felt was missing in my own life since arriving in Cape Town… A way of living physically that I knew from my own experience was life changing. It is far more than some weights and cardio and its principles are much like mine in nutrition… Built on authenticity, quality, and lifestyle. So it was not a stretch to see the two together in a complete package to transform your body. And it certainly doesn’t threaten my current model at all. It makes room for more lives to transform by reaching yet another market and providing even more opportunities for all.

With so many diets out there, what makes your approach towards nutrition stand out?
That’s a loaded question. But a simple answer is authentic quality nutrition. When you look at most fitness pro diet plans, weight loss programs, programs to transform your body, you still find profound compromise in nutritional quality. You find a lot of potions and formulas and you find diets with catchy names but you don’t generally find a truly natural way of nutrition for a healthy life. I believe we are products of nature and as such nature has made perfect provision for our lives. We don’t need or benefit from all this tampering, handling, intrusion, refining, modifying, processing that now defines the majority of our modern nutrition. It’s a slow fade to an illness plagued, disease ravaged, obese, out of shape life that soon becomes a premature death. And I just quickly say, you can’t out work a poor diet. It will catch up to you no matter how great you manage to look.

So, I strip it down. Not in a diet and deprivation manner in order to transform your body. I don’t believe in either. I want you to enjoy nutrition and even your favorite foods. But I do believe in keeping it very real and as a result I unveil real foods throughout this program. We start off with a RESET to help you shift those gears and reset your body and mind and then we take daily steps to build out a new nutritional lifestyle filled with abundance. In fact, most clients have never eaten so much, looked and felt as good when they follow this principle. It’s all real, high quality, nature’s way nutrition. No gimmicks, potions, or pills. Real food for real people… No compromise to transform your body.

What do you feel sets 360XBT apart from other transformation packages on the market?
For starters, 360XBT is the complete package. It provides the three principles for a successful and healthy lifestyle… Quality nutrition, functional fitness and active community. Everything is there… Nothing left out. And application is a virtual guarantee of success. And it is not a program of compromises. We both deliver authenticity across the board, no exceptions, and no excuses. Thus it is a result driven life transforming opportunity. I have not found another program, among the many out there, that delivers everything that this package does. We work hard, everyday for every clients success in their goal to transform their body.

What would you like to achieve with people doing the program?
My goal is not just to see bodies transformed but even more so, lives transformed! When nutrition, fitness and community line up, lives change and that is what makes me the happiest.

So the Program lasts 90 days with a start date. Does this make it a challenge? Not exactly, we want people to commit to a set time period, as this will provide a more focused & strict approach with a deadline. Too often people say tomorrow, this is not going to happen, especially with the closed Facebook Group where you are alongside training buddies all overcoming everyday obstacles from which you can draw belief & will power to defeat your own fitness demons. The challenge comes in incorporating it into your lifestyle; this is where you are left by yourself, but only until the next transformation. We see it as a great place to start your fitness journey but also realize the demand of dependency in a much more skilled industry requires a platform for you to progress across and we’ll continue to tweak, expand & progress our product to allow you to explore the previously thought impossible to authentically transform your body.

So now to the all-important cost.

We could add up all the gym memberships, failed diets & unused fitness gimmicks but we’d rather break down what you get:

  • Training Videos & Exercise Programs
  • Nutrition Guides & Recipes
  • Professional Advice on Authentic Whole Food Eating
  • A Closed Facebook Group with Online Coaching, Motivation and Support, and
  • A Guaranteed Cybernetic Organism (body) transformation, leaving you strong, radiant and confident.

Become the Xtreme version of yourself for as little as R200/month and get involved with the most exciting & comprehensive fitness lifestyle program to transform your body on the market. And rather than being suppressed by life’s cruel challenges, stand firm, make sure the only thing swept away is your sweat and take control of your life!

Wherever you are, whatever your goals, we look forward to assisting you in your quest  to transform your body for optimal fitness & healthy living.

The 360XBT Legion


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