Rates“Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going. Ask yourself, do you want to be ‘in shape’ for 2 weeks or for the rest of your life? As part of a balanced lifestyle, happiness and general well-being will prevail and these will promote success in all aspects of your life. We are energetic individuals with wealth’s of experience, dealing with anybody and everybody who has a desire to fulfill their personal goals in the fitness spectrum whether it be sport specific, weight management, body sculpting or postural.”

Chris Walsh

Direct Debit Membership

(Gym use and all Classes)

1 Year Membership @ R 700 pm
6 Month Membership @ R 850 pm
3 Month Membership @ R1,000 pm
Upfront Membership

(Gym use and all Classes)

Drop-in Fee @ R 150

8 Class Pass @ R 750 (1 Month Expiry)
1 Month Membership  @ R1,200 now R 960
3 Month Membership @ R3,000 now R2,400
6 Month Membership @ R5,100 now R4,080
1 Year Membership @ R8,400 now R6,720

Personal Training (1 on 1) 3 Sessions @ R1,500

10 sessions @ R3,000 (Member)
10 sessions @ R4,000 (Non-Member)