A style unlike any other - composed of primal movements, kinetic intelligence and functional innovation in an uplifting, professional and instructional format.

Although done in class structure, each individual's level is adhered to and the results are life-changing. Progressions and regressions allow novices to train alongside athletes.

Your ability to perform is enhanced to a level where you can enjoy outdoor/sporting activities to the full and the confidence you gain will get you pushing the boundaries of your physical realm.

A realistic, healthy and maintainable approach allows you to keep reaping the benefits longterm and ultimately forges that active lifestyle you crave.

The latest 360 model means that you'll be training directly with Chris, so expect the results to be even better than these, which were recorded in a less hands on method: view results.

He leads from the front and his coaching, attentiveness, motivation and enthusiasm will have you absolutely loving your workouts and raring to go.

Your ultimate life transformation is just one click away, get in contact now!