If you’re an athlete or intense about your workout routine, what you eat before, during, and after your workout can sustain you through long training times and help push you to the max. However, getting the right nutrition for health and optimal fitness isn’t just about eating right when you workout, it’s about your whole lifestyle as well.

1. Eat carbs before you workout

In Power Eating, Dr. Susan M. Kleiner and Dr. Maggie Greenwood-Robinson advise consuming about 50 grams of carbohydrates and 14 grams of protein about two hours before your workout if you want to bulk up but cut the carb content in half if you want to slim down.

Pre-workout recipe: Peanut Butter with Banana Slices

Double check your packaging, but the USDA estimates a slice of whole wheat bread has 12 grams of carbohydrates. Throw on some peanut butter and slice up a small banana to add some extra carbs (about 26 grams) and get your protein in a totally healthy and natural way. This will also help you meet your daily fiber intake to keep your heart even healthier and aid in digestion. To cut the carb content just use one slice of bread or leave out the banana.

2. Stay hydrated throughout your routine

The University of Wisconsin-Madison warns that just a 2 percent drop in hydration is enough to impact performance. Dr. Kleiner and Greenwood-Robinson also cite a few studies that show sipping on drinks with carbohydrates helped participants increase their sets and reps during strength training, which in turn leads to more muscle growth.

A few liquid carbs for muscle gain and endurance: Organic Gatorade

You know from Glozine lifestyle news that although people buy sports drinks like Gatorade to solve the problem of hydration and add some carbs, sports drinks also have a lot of additives. Men’s Fitness says coconut water might work better than sports drinks, which is why this recipe by the Daily Burn might be the perfect option…

Squeeze in a few limes and oranges into coconut water for a natural sports drink or let the lemon and oranges sit overnight in the water to infuse it.

3. Amp up the protein post-workout

Most doctors recommend having protein after your workout to help your muscles recover and get the nutrients they need to build strength. Try to get between 10 to 20 grams.

Port-workout Recipe: Peaches and Protein 

Men’s Fitness recommends this protein packed smoothie for your post-workout to sneak in some green vegetables without the taste and help meet your daily iron intake. Just toss these ingredients into a blender and you’re good to go.

4. Add electrolytes if you are a distance runner

According to Runner’s Connect, for muscles and organs to function properly, you need electrolytes:

Normally, they are easy to get and most people don’t have to worry about losing electrolytes during their workouts. However, long distance running can deplete their stores, which creates imbalances that lead to fatigue and mess with how your body processes water.

DIY electrolyte recipe: Sweat and Salty Tea

To replenish your electrolytes during a marathon or long training sessions, whip up this all natural recipe by Wellness Mama.

5. Recover quickly with anti-inflammatory foods

After a workout, it’s common to have some inflammation and maybe even pain. Too much soreness might be an indication you worked your body too hard or didn’t perform the movements correctly. Whatever the source of your tenderness, make sure to get joint pain relief and improve recovery time eat foods high in antioxidants or omega 3s writes the Arthritis Foundation.

Anti-inflammatory juice: Berry Blast

Try this adaption of All About Juicing’s berry-delicious recipe full of antioxidants. Use a blender or a juicer to combine the ingredients. If not using a juicer, blend the softer berries first or add a dash of water to help liquefy them.

With these nutrition tips and recipes, you’re on your way to achieving peak performance in the healthiest way possible.