Yoga & Surf

Where: Muizenberg Beach

Parking: Muizenberg Pavilion or Surfers Corner Parking Lots

Duration: 2hrs-3hrs

The Experience: Get down to the beach and join in the Community Sunrise Yoga.

It happens weekly depending on the weather, so make sure you follow Annabel to stay in the loop. It’s from 6.30am, for an hour & costs R40 (payable by cash or SnapScan).

Besides wanting to make Yoga accessible to all for its healing benefits, she practices it for clarity of mind & self love.

Then, if you don’t have your own surf gear, head to Surf Emporium where their friendly staff will accommodate you. They are very affordable, whether you are looking for just board & suit rental and/or surf lessons.

Get into the warm water and experience the bliss, as one of nature’s forces takes over and sucks you along it’s slow flat wave which re-swell, giving you a long ride and excellent for beginners.

Biskop Steps & Kettlebells

Where: Between Clifton 1st & 2nd Beaches

Park: Along Victoria Road

Duration: 30-40mins

The Experience: There are 301 stairs covering 80m’s which connects Victoria Road to Kloof Road. This is a great interval workout and you can tweak the intensity by doing double instead of single steps. Beginners do 10mins, Intermediate 15mins & Advanced 20mins and see how many flights you can complete in this period.

Then grab your kettlebell from your car and head down to the beach. Here’s more info about them & exercises to try.

They can be purchased from Shen Sports or Kettlebells for Africa

Do a 20min high intensity strength workout with this amazing fitness tool which is great for scorching fat & increasing lean muscle before claiming your reward of an ice bath, courtesy of our freezing Atlantic Ocean.

Hike & OCR Training

Where: Newlands

Parking: Newlands Forest Fire Station Parking Lot

Duration: 90mins – 2hrs

The Experience: Take the Little Wort trail, directly above the parking lot, along the river where you’ll see signs for the Contour path. Beginners go up-to the picnic area at the top. Intermediates, continue up Newlands Ravine until you get out of the canopy and to a big rock where you can have a breather and get spectacular views of Cape Town. Advanced, keep going up the cutbacks till you are on top of Table Mountain, overlooking the saddle. Return directly down.

Use the outdoor gym, at the entrance of the parking lot, to practice some of your Obstacle Course Challenge skills & strength training.

For those of you wanting to put yourselves to the test, try the very popular Impi Challenge, which is aimed at all levels.

Cycle & Calisthenics

Where: Sea Point Prom

Park: Sea Point Pavilion Parking Lot

Duration: 60-90mins

The Experience: Hire a bike for R80 from Upcycles and head out either to the Waterfront (Silo 5) or towards Camps Bay. Use their other depots as a turning point and return to where you started. This will give you 9-10km’s in the legs.

Then either jog or drive down to the Sea Point outdoor gym and begin your calisthenics journey.

Here’s a beginner 6 month program with exercises for you to do & build upon.

Cape Town is gaining a greater community around Calisthenics and the majority of them train at Seapoint. So also ask them for tips and advice.

Here are 4 bar exercises for the more advanced guys to try.

Run & Swim

Where: Camps Bay / Bakoven

Park: Parking Lot opposite Police station

Duration: 60-90mins

The Experience: Best to be done at sunrise or sunset. Take an out and back run along Victoria Road. Beginners turn by the 12 Apostle Hotel, Intermediates by the Llandudno sign & Advanced, throw in a Suikerbossie climb, by turning at the circle just before Hout Bay beach.

You can include this run in your half marathon training program. For guidance on correct footwear, visit the experts at Run Store and for those barefoot enthusiasts or looking to join the movement, go to Vivabarefoot

Once back at the parking lot, go do a few laps in the tidal pool. A stunning location with breathtaking views of the 12 Apostles & Table Mountain.