Six Benefits of Bar Workouts:

  1. Convenience – Bar exercises are the most convenient exercises around. You can do them pretty much anywhere. All you need is a bar and your body.
  2. Fundamental Compound Upper-body Exercises – Compound exercises are important because they target multiple muscle groups and trigger a release of growth hormone.
  3. Easily Increase Intensity – Some exercises require you to get fancy with your workouts in order to increase the intensity, but not bar exercises. You can boost the intensity by strapping a weight plate to your waist or hanging a kettle bell or dumbbell from your foot.
  4. Many Variations – One of the best benefits of bar exercise are that there are many different variations. The best thing is that one version doesn’t require any additional equipment, most of the time, all you’ve got to do is change up your grip.
  5. Grip Strength – Having good grip strength is a must, this will have a huge carry over to all other aspects of your training.
  6. Fat Loss – Bar exercises will get your heart rate up and the lean muscle you gain will also speed up your metabolism. Super-set your exercises for best cardiovascular effects.

Muscle Up

Skin the Cat

Toes to Bar

Pull Up