Your body was designed to play as an integrated system in multi planes rather than in an isolated, restrictive, one dimensional way on a machine at gym. The awesome benefit of this is that you can train wherever you want; so let’s take you to the beach, train you in a FUNctional way, give you that sculpted and sexy chassis that you crave and ultimately turn you into the machine!

The muscular balance and joint stability you will get from the primal movement patterns which include: squatting, lungeing, bending, pushing, pulling, twisting will reduce risk of injury and improve your performance in everyday living, activities and sports. Ladies who train with the functional training approach tend to have a more balanced musculature, tight abdominal muscles, and an overall toned physique.

Remember that our central nervous system doesn’t distinguish good from bad movement patterns, we just move as we have been taught, so it’s always important to address imbalances first so that we create an optimal axis of rotation around each joint (stability, flexibility & strength) as this is where we will be most efficient and maximise results.

With an able body and an understanding of functional training, we can use our body as a great conditioning tool to achieve optimal health and wellness.

Here are some awesome benefits:

• An increased metabolic training effect will help you scorch body fat.
• The high cardiovascular output will help improve your aerobic and anaerobic energy systems.
• The movements will have a high carryover to sports specific fitness.
• It will contribute to injury prevention and injury rehabilitation.
• Better posture will be achieved.
• Your ability to perform everyday tasks will increase.


Perform 10 jumps lunges into a pose on each side & repeat 5 times. With your front heel planted in the sand and on the ball of your back foot with a 90d bend, jump up and switch legs in the air before landing on the opposite sides to where you started. Then place your arms on the ground, bring your right leg on the back of your tricep just below shoulder and your left around the front of your arm and cross your feet. Lean your weight forward and balance on arms. Repeat other side.


Do 10 squat jumps before going into 2 push-ups & repeat 5 times. Keeping your back straight, squat down till your hip is in line with your knee, then explode up from this position, landing back in a squat. Then go into push-up position, drop down and when you raise up, rotate your body and go onto one leg and arm, repeat other side.


In a squat position, do 10 pulses before going into a Warrior III pose on each side & repeat 5 times. Bend legs to 90d, from here drop down, hip below knee, and come back up to 90d. Then straighten your right leg and extend your body over, arms out in front of you, left leg behind you, your core zipped and your whole body strong and straight. Repeat other side.


Do 10 alternating table tops, holding for 10 secs each before going into a minute back bend and repeat 5 times. With your hips facing up on one arm with your opposite leg extended in front of you, hold there with your glutes squeezed, abs tight with neck in neutral, repeat other side. Now place both feet on sand, bring your hands underneath and push your belly toward the sky and into a back bend.


Do a 10 sec scorpion on each side, then come into a crow for 10 secs before going into a plank for a minute, repeat 5 times. In the top push-up position, take your right leg over your body and place on the sand, before bringing it back over and repeating on other side. Then jump your knees onto the back of your elbows, with your head in neutral, off the ground, looking straight in front of you. Pause here before throwing your legs back with your feet landing, your body parallel to the ground with your arms locked out, ready to go back into your scorpions after your plank hold.

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