Boxing is a fun way to fight fat and get fit. Even with the basics, you can have an intense, blood-pumping cardio workout in minimal time and get maximal results when it comes to a lean, toned and ripped physique.

The jab and cross are the basic punches which when used effectively can be devastating and provide you with the perfect base to kick start your fighting fit regime. Throw in uppercuts, hooks, elbows and kicks to your arsenal and soon you will be a workout weapon and the numerous combos and drills will keep it exciting and allow you to enjoy even greater pleasure from an art which is primal.

1. Feet position (right hander):

Left foot in front of right in a 10 past 12 position. Also have an imaginary line from your big toe on front foot to the back heel on right. Slight bend in knees.

2. Hand position:

Think telescope with your left hand and telephone with your right. Make sure your body is turned slightly side on.

3. Fist:

Clench your fist, make sure your thumb is on the outside of your fingers. When striking, use your 2nd and third knuckles as a target. Make sure you don’t bend your wrist when striking

4. The jab:

Step forward with the left foot and with it planted, extend the left arm towards lip, nose and chin of opponent. As fast as the punch goes out, retract it back to protect your face.

5. The cross:

Off the more powerful back hand (right), extend the arm and rotate the right hip to generate more power.

2 mins of each combo, with a one min rest in between, repeat 3 times


Perform a double jab with a cross, into a jab with a cross, followed by a jab, cross and jab. Reset and start the combo again.

Jab/cross with slip

Throw a jab and a cross, anticipating a right cross from opponent, slip your head just more than a fist to the left, before replying with a counter jab. Start again with a jab and a cross, anticipate a jab from your opponent, moving your head to the right before throwing a counter cross with power. Keep repeating sequence.

4 quick 4 hard

Throw four quick jab and crosses followed by four hard ones. There should be a distinct change in speed and power, keep repeating with no pauses.

Jab/cross with pause (power)

With a distinct pause between each rep, throw a powerful jab and cross.

Continuous (speed)

Throw 30 consecutive jabs and crosses with no pauses, rest for 5-10 sec and go again.