We have created a complete new gymming experience…

At 5pm & 6pm daily, we have 4-6 FUNctional classes happening in an open plan environment. It’s ABsolutely buzzing with like-minded people wanting to be fit & healthy. The young (except Chris Walsh), energetic and helpful trainers guarantee results and it’s a heavenly gym experience that is in a league of its own – where does quality & quantity co-exist?
So you get to choose what you like, work in a structure where the trainer gets creative (so not the same workout), but with a consistent theme, & in an upbeat and productive gym habitat of 150+ peeps (max 30/ class) beasting it out alongside each other.

So what classes are on offer:

1. Kettlebells
– Full body resistance training which is great for increasing lean muscle and scorching fat. It will keep the weight off long-term. Your Aphrodite & Adonis physique starts here.
2. CardioBlast
– Our HIIT style cardio is a mash-up of sleds, rowers, tyre flips, rock feature, box jumps and loads more that will transform you into a sweaty mess fuelled on endorphins.
3. Warrior Workout
– Play on the obstacles, learn techniques and develop strength. Definitely worth a try as you only get better once you start doing it.
4. BoxFit
– Everyone wants a fighters physique and also a great stress reliever. The BoxFit is great for cardio and sculpting a lean physique.
5. Tight Tush
– Sheltered away a bit is our popular ladies only class. It’s awesome to learn correct form, develop good movement patterns and gain confidence in the gym. Oh, and it’s super fun. For girls by girls.
6. 360FIT
– On Tues 5pm & Thurs 6pm, it’s our own cross training class aimed at the more experienced gym goers who potentially want to compete at training. The scary people.
7. Fitness Frenzy
– A collaboration of obstacles & cardio conjures up a training treat every Wed 6pm & Thurs 5pm. The FOMO class.
It’s hugely appealing to a young & professional audience who are looking to include fitness in a healthy and balanced lifestyle.
We have a very friendly & diverse community which makes everyone feel comfortable and welcome in what could be perceived as an intimidating environment.
Training should always be fun and if you can couple that with unbelievable results you really do have the dream product. This  is our reality at 360 and it’s on offer every eve to all of you cool Cape Town peeps.


Results people are achieving in 12 weeks:


We would love you to have a complimentary class:


Our rates:


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