Here we focus on hypertrophy (muscle building), strength & power and our knowledge on functional training & exercise prescription comes to the fore.

Mainly focused on big compound whole body exercises, we don’t shy away from creating an overload on a particular muscle group either. So while we value big movements like snatches, overhead squats & deadlifts, you might just be in for a functional leg or chest workout.

The key to a strong body is having stability, flexibility & strength around each joint, creating an optimal axis of rotation and in turn having all these joints working simultaneously together. Basically viewing your body as one muscle working as efficiently as possible.

The six base movement patterns (bend, lunge, squat, push, pull & twist) need to be overloaded outside of your current functional capacity so that an adaptation and progression can take place.

Then they need to be linked to do more technical movements, like the snatch Turkish Get ups to create an athletic and performance physique.

Our weapons of choice for this are Kettlebells and Barbells.

Kettlebells are great for unilaterally challenging the body, also a bit more forgiving when learning lifting techniques, can be doubled up to create a tasty overload, strengthen stabilising muscles with unorthodox techniques and for doing rotational exercises like a Windmill.

The Barbell is where the big compound movements are established and built upon. Deadlifts and squats are a must. From here we can go into Olympic Lifting movements which slab on lean muscle, spike your metabolism & test your neuromuscular capability to the max.

When your body starts changing drastically (Obviously for the better), you can pretty much put it down to our extensive knowledge and proven methods in this area.