As we generally focus on the big movements in the main body of the workout, which naturally include the legs, we turn to bodyweight exercises for upper body strength.

We feel that a combination of calisthenics and OCR exercises, not only give you the most aesthetically pleasing but also functionally capable body.

By focusing a segment of the class on this area, we’ve found a considerable amount of women who have shifted their mindsets, from ‘the problem areas’ towards being able to do pull-ups & rope climbs and are getting the benefit of toned tank top arms as a by-product.

The focus is mainly on doing non opposing muscle groups (L-Sit, Pull-Up & Handstand hold) in a circuit, isolate an area for strength (Muscle-Ups, Dips & L-Sits for triceps) or break down a movement for better capability (Handstand).

We tend to look at the more static and controlled movements of calisthenics to develop muscle awareness and raw strength before incorporating them into the more ballistic movements used for OCR (Monkey swings) & CrossFit (Toes to bars).

It’s also not uncommon for us to overload grip strength in this segment by doing regressions & progressions of hangs and farmer carries with water canisters. Where the displaced centre of gravity reaps havoc on your forearms & fingers. Great for activities like Climbing

This is also the part of the class where we could include abs and by that we really mean core.

Now with every bit of your body tested after a gruelling class and with your heart rate returning to more realistic levels, we say good bye with a big smile knowing that you’ve been challenged and that if the training is continually improved & built upon, you’ll be strong and reaping all the miraculous benefits which go with it!