I’m not surprised, as we can attribute this to the so-called professionals leading them. With the drop in health, a slightly above average person or even a socialite wanting to monetize their popularity, can take the lead and yes, if this is not addressed soon, the level will just continue to plummet.

We have done the very same thing to exercise that science has done to nature and food processors have done to food. We have broken the body into component parts and created machines to exercise each part. How often when you go to surgeons or rehabilitation professionals do they just isolate the spot that hurts only to cut it out, inject it with a numbing agent or anti-inflammatory agent or manipulation the sensory motor system through the application of electrical stimulation or other topical analgesics. Yet, how often are we addressing the etiology?

Is it a mystery that women suffering PMS commonly display sizable and at times unmanageable mood swings, low back pain and neck pain? Is it a mystery that we have the highest incidence of orthopedic injury among high school and university athletes, despite the fact of the so-called advanced exercise technologies available at most schools today? Why is it then that even among our athletic population, including bodybuilders, we have unprecedented psychological disorders, concomitant with rampant medical drug use and even health professionals partaking in recreational drugs with the very people they are meant to lead! Is this our evolution? Does this in any way, shape or form resemble TRUE HEALTH?

My personal opinion is that we, the current health professionals, the ones who once stood for identification of and addressing of the etiology of a clients shortcomings and imbalances, must begin to practice what we once stood for!

We have all been given a grand opportunity to do what we love to do and to regive. The first thing we can do is practice what we preach. Our clients and members need the gift of observational leadership – leadership not by academic rote but by example. You can’t give to another what you yourself do not have. It simply doesn’t work, and the proof is all around you, in the magazines, on the news, literally everywhere. We must give the gift of health and well being to ourselves first, which means following the foundation principles of health and well being. But are we? Is the average fitness professional healthier to any significant degree than the very people they work with? If we were true to ourselves, the gap at the moment should be colossal. Is it?

We must give ourselves health through the very means our ancestors did. For clearly, our fad diets have failed, as have our amazing isolates! Only when we are overflowing with health and vitality ourselves can we outflow that love, that quality of existence to others. We must be like a tree so full of fruit that it literally bows to the earth, dropping its fruit out of the burden of its fullness.

When we take the initiative to remove the garbage (equipment, supplements & steroids!) from our gyms as an act of leadership and as a natural outgrowth of our own well being, when we bow to our clients and members to share the fruits of our own healthy lifestyle, we will bring forth the union of a pure teacher and have access to the abundance of exercise knowledge afforded only to the committed health expert.

When this occurs in your own life, you will not need to schedule appointments with your clients so they can pick the abundant fruits of your well being. Your well being will radiate to everyone around you.

Your health and vitality, your well being and mine IS our potential regiving. I can only speak for myself in saying that this is the future I dream for and work toward each and every day.

What is your dream? What are you working for? What is your regiving? What are you creating with your thoughts, words and deeds as you see your clients and members each day? Is your God given practice one bent around survival, or is it an expression of your love?

It is my dream that we all live HEALTHY together, for surely that is what the Bible has taught us to do. Surely that’s our dream for humanity.

May we all dream together. May we all focus our thoughts, words and deeds on what we want as our future, not what we don’t want.

For you the readers, you might think that I’ve shifted the responsibility of your health onto the professionals like myself, however, if you are supporting this flawed system, partaking in such practices as described above & letting the wrong people lead you, then you are just as equally responsible. It’s time to stop kidding yourself, BE HEALTH and inspire everyone around you!