Guys & girls, it’s time to own those yoga pants & boardies, bust out a sweat and become a metabolic machine. You’ll be gasping for air, your muscles will be on fire, your mind will be looking for every excuse to halt, however you will persevere, quitting isn’t an option and will never be again. The results far outweigh the pain and when this sadistic feeling becomes pleasure, the only thing you’ll be looking back on, is your indestructible, fine-tuned, banging body in the mirror!

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), is short bouts of anaerobic (oxygen independent) exercise followed by a recovery period and repeated.
The speed of the movement and controlling of momentum requires strength. Strength will be linked to lean muscle which will leave you looking toned and bulletproof, it will also make you more efficient and allow you to get more out of your HIIT sessions.

Also, the metabolic state caused by the lactic acid build up requires aerobic metabolism to regulate it, especially during recovery periods. So this way your cardio will be built in and your elevated heart rate in the session will scorch fat.

The body’s repair cycle after huge exertion means that you will be burning calories for the next 24 hours after session. And if that isn’t enough, HIIT also stimulates the production of human growth hormone which will decrease the ageing process and leave you with a youthful glow.

So call off the search party for the perfect combination of workout welfare as HIIT is your solution to total body success!

Other Benefits of HIIT

1) No equipment necessary

You can do body-weight sequences or sprints as the emphasis is more about getting your heart rate up and working at 100%.

2) Convenient

Sessions can be done in 30mins and due to their nature, don’t require you to go to a gym.

3) Increased lean muscle

Muscle oxidises fat, so you’ll be burning more calories at rest, not a bad byproduct.

4) More likely to make it routine

Due to their vigorous nature, sessions are more fun and the endorphin overload will leave you craving more.

5 Sets of each exercise (40 secs on, 20 sec rest)
1 min rest in between

KB Split Snatch Lunge

Start with kettlebells between your feet, legs bent in squat position, chest up and arms straight. Perform a snatch motion, straightening your body with momentum taking weight above head. At the same time, split your legs as the weights travel up. Land in a lunge with arms locked out above head. Bring weights down to shoulders, stand back up, lower to floor and repeat with other leg forward in the lunge.

Barbell Clean & Press

Start with barbell in front of your shins, leg slightly bent with your back straight. Clean the bar up, use momentum from the bent position and drop your hands under the bar. With the bar on chest and with legs slightly bent from absorbing weight, perform a push press above head. Bring the bar back to shoulders, flick it back over to ground and repeat movement.

Push-up with thrusters

Perform a push-up. In the top position, arms straight, jump your legs under chest and back out 5 times. Repeat sequence.

DB Renegade Rows with knee-ins

In a top push-position with your hands holding dumbbells, perform a row on 1 side and then the other. Back in start position run your knees in 10 times. Repeat sequence.

Toe touches with roll

With light dumbbells or bodyweight, lie on your back on a mat, hands and feet straight out and off the floor. Crunch up and bring your hands and feet up to touch. Extend back down and with hands and feet off the floor, roll completely over till on back and crunch again. Roll back on yourself and repeat.

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