As simple as it seems, many people find this the hardest step & yes, it can be quite intimidating. So we’ve answered some FAQ’s, to put your mind at ease & get you on the path to body greatness – feeling vibrant, looking hot & living strong.

Will I be the only beginner?

The good thing to know here, is that because our style is unique (not just another cardio gimmick or variation of), everyone was in the same boat as you. So while the majority of members will be a bit more advanced, they remember how they felt in your position & will give you a helping hand.

But won’t I hold everyone back?

Absolutely not. The class is structured in a format where all levels are catered for, with the skill level, type of equipment, raw weight or technicality of movement tweaked to make it fun & productive for everyone. It’s actually cool to have the different levels around you, so that you can not only see where you base movement end ups, but keeps you moving forward by consistently setting the bar just above you.

Where’s the best place to start?

In theory most people were training for 5-15 years before joining us. The game changer is our proper strength & conditioning (360 STRONG class), which creates an overload, which provides more integrity in your movement patterns and makes you more efficient. That’s what gets the crazy results we are renowned for. The BOXFIT class, although a bit lighter on the body & therefore most people’s obvious starting point, is seen more as an accessory class alongside the 360 STRONG, to assist with fat loss, allow you to train more frequently, learn a skill & scorch those lungs.

Can I bring a friend?

Always a great option & more than welcome to, as we often do partner work & when you join, you’ve got someone else holding you accountable for the first couple of weeks while you adapt to the new style aka the alarm phase. 3 weeks in you’ll already be seeing a difference, feeling competent with the exercises, working at a much higher intensity and recovering quicker in between.

What do I do next?

Drop us a message to setup a time to come in for a complimentary class. Let’s get you working out & achieving your body goals.