The 2nd Wave

No sooner had we started and gathered momentum, we were approaching December and January, notoriously bad months for gyms, contrary to popular belief. And this was compounded by news of the 2nd wave.

Another hurdle, but with the gym closing over the Christmas period, we would tackle this in the New Year. So we thought.

News of a Covid case in the last week, was a reminder of the times we are in. We had dropped our guard a bit with spacing of clients, not wearing masks at all times and constantly sanitising equipment throughout the classes.

Stricter measurements and safety protocols had to be enforced and adhered too on re-opening.

The equation in front of us seemed complex: safety is paramount, however we need to build. 2020 we just needed to survive, and now the mantra we had adopted was thrive.

We would mull over this, while we waited for the President to speak. What was the point of pouring heart and soul into anything with another lockdown imminent. Gyms somehow miraculously were included in an amended lockdown 3 and allowed to continue training.

Our dilemma now had to be solved, otherwise paralysis would set in. Yes, a reactive mindset was acceptable last year, but with so much foresight now, this wouldn’t be tolerated under our 2021 mantra.

First and foremost, safety was key – masks compulsory, only one class allowed daily, set spacing (reduced capacity) and a change in class structure to allow minimal sharing and constant sanitisation.

So we fronted our members & explained the changes. Thankfully, they adapted quickly.

And how do we grow?!

The vacant yellow X’s we put down for spacing shone as our safety measures had significantly reduced our numbers (members often double up classes).

A mass marketing campaign would completely destroy the integrity we have built with our members, especially after asking them to cut back, indirectly creating space.

So with a One Legion, One Philosophy, One Heartbeat persona, we sat down & formulated a game plan to grow with safety at the helm.

As a fitfam we look forward to dominating the challenges that lie ahead. For now though, we are taking one day at a time & staying healthy.