“Multi planar compound leg exercises, loaded up with resistance, stimulates the neuromuscular system and not only promotes a cardiovascular response which assists with weight management but also gives you that perfect peachy posterior that you desire! Get those deep glute muscles firing with pistol squats, lunge variations & plyometric leg exercises!”

Why did it originate?

It is a great opportunity to educate women on the importance of resistance training, which is usually overlooked and undervalued. This will assist in making you comfortable in the gym and confident in your body.

So what does the class consist of?

The main focus is around base conditioning looking at stability, flexibility and working on the primary movement patterns: Squats, Lunges and Bends. The idea is to remove imbalances and make you girls more efficient, so that we can train you in more of a circuit style fashion, therefore bringing a cardio element to the class as well. We do this in a functional way, using swiss balls, bosu’s, weights, oddlifting and your own body-weight which makes it a very fun environment

What Level of training is it aimed for?

It can be adapted to accommodate both beginners and athletes. The stronger, more experienced girls in the class are very helpful and often stop their own training to assist the newbies, something which 360 has a great rep for: “We are all in it together!”

Exercise for women is very important for body confidence and self image. There is huge pressure on females to look a certain way, which in a lot of cases is completely unrealistic. Happiness comes from the inside, so as long as you are leading a healthy lifestyle, it’s all about accepting yourself and living life to the full.

Fat loss programs are far superior to weight loss programs for women as often the type of training which is lacking, due to women trying look s certain way (ectomorph/skinny), is resistance training. Muscle oxides fat so it’s important to put on lean muscle, this will also reduce risk of osteoporosis.

5 Tips for fat loss

  1. Do big compound exercises as these will speed up your metabolism and you’ll burn more calories – snatches, deadlifts, squats.
  2. Train in HIIT style – these are a number of exercises done in quick succession with a rest & then repeated which will give you a huge cardiovascular response.
  3. Incorporate body weight exercises into your routine as these are great for total body conditioning and can be done from anywhere.
  4. With an effective resistance program in place, get in long steady state cardio session/active recovery twice a week – this could be a run or yoga session.
  5. Your nutrition is very important, however instead of going extreme & cutting everything out, slowly reduce things like sugar, alcohol & fast foods in a lifestyle format. Go for the long-term!