Let’s face it, everybody knows that being healthy is a very attractive attribute to have, but are you using it to enhance your life, which it should, or just to look good for others?

We’ve often noticed that people only value their health when it is seriously challenged i.e. after an accident or disease, & while they can just manage life’s basics: waking up, able to work at a sedentary job, taking the odd walk & being able to rock up at a bar on a Saturday night, plus a few dance moves; they presume they are healthy.

This lifestyle has disease written all over it from the start, so why wait till you are diagnosed to react?

It’s simple, we as people are lazy and only when our survival is challenged, do we do absolutely everything in our power to restore what we actually already had.

As we often bounce back, it shows that the responsibility was ours all along even though we go around playing victim to circumstances and looking for attention.

The lesson is to appreciate what you have before you lose it and rather prevent something from happening than seeking a cure aka unnecessary stress, harder work & a miserable life. So take control of your health.

Now the point of the post is that while you can be perceived as being healthy are you actually healthy. Good genetics, cosmetic surgery, eating disorders, steroids, photoshop, training obsession and many more things can actually mask real health and fuel society’s misconception.

Let’s use an example:

Someone could be taking recreational drugs, partying a lot, have irregular work, an unbalanced sleeping pattern, eats minimal (could still be junk food), is relatively young and training is not actually fun or a choice.

I say this, because the person has to look a certain way to be appealing to others, maybe for the work they get or benefits they receive.

This person might not even be the instigator of a healthy outdoor excursion (like a hike), but more to keep up appearances. And the company they are in, doesn’t exert them to an uncomfortable level.

So, yes they are in, the amazing outfit goes on, the perfect selfie is taken at a beautiful location & the world gets to see this health icon again on a multitude of social media platforms. Hundreds and thousands of ‘likes’ is the approval they need to feed their existence; and the masses feel depressed and envious that they don’t have this life. It looks way too hard to be fit but the appeal is so great, so they too find their own way to cheat it and be this person: another copy.

The other person has a family, works a stable job, enjoys the company of friends, wakes up 5 times a week before work to go to the gym, just to go through the motions. This middle aged persons life looks balanced until the weekend comes.

It’s time for the kids birthday. The magician is hired, the bouncy castle installed, the nanny is on guard duty and this allows the parents all to go sit down and tuck into the alcohol stash.

The social gathering is the same as always and the person goes into the routine ritual of whipping out the phone and scrolling through social media updates. ‘Like’.

Now which of these people have a better life?

Although they can both look perfect, everyone reading this post probably thinks they are both very sad.

This is us!!!

The beauty lies in having discipline and actually doing the work, in this case the training.

The first example lacks the discipline and therefore doesn’t really enjoy health to the full.

The second has the discipline but doesn’t put in the work.

Go for the real things in life, not what society wants, but what you want! Don’t just be restricted to bars & dinners when you can be running up the mountain or doing an obstacle course race. Take a pic of yourself when you are down & out after a hard workout looking like a hot mess. Be at your kids party, teaching them how to be active. Rather read on a sun lounger and sweat all over the stationary bike. Trip on endorphins after completing a trail run. Encourage others to do healthier activities and be present in conversations. Real training will give you character, it will change your life! You are already doing 90%, add the extra 10% and watch your life soar. Be authentic, be original and be a real role model to those around you.

You know what you are doing, it’s time to get honest and set yourself free. Love your training and be health!