How would you explain 360 Specialized Training to an interested person?

We are a new age gym where the product is our training and our clients are our focus. People are individuals and need to be treated as such. It is up to us as trainers to nurture, improve and educate our clients, this builds relationships which assists with retention which ultimately allows for continued  progression both as a business and with your ability to perform. The ‘look’ is a byproduct of performance.

How would you describe 360 Specialized Training?

We adapt our style of training to you the customer with the aim of letting you experience the benefits of exercise to the fullest. This allows us to offer our services from the novice to the athlete. Where posture and corrective exercise is a benefit for a beginner, so is plyometric and sports specific movement for an athlete. Where an athlete already has a chosen sport, we can offer cross-training or even more satisfying for us: where we can develop a recreational activity i.e. hiking or kayaking for the sedentary client thinking they only wanted to lose-weight when they began. When pain turns to pleasure the journey begins – that’s our responsibility.

How did the name 360 Specialized Training come about? Was there a massive decision process or did it just happen?

360 has 2 meanings: working in 3 planes of motion which replicate movements in everyday living and those in the sporting environment. It also means complete, by eliminating weaknesses and improving all your bio-motor abilities: speed, strength, endurance, flexibility and co-ordination thus making you more efficient.

What was the inspiration behind the business?

To create a unique membership gym which all revolves around our evolved personal training in a fun effective, energy-filled atmosphere where results are paramount.

Is there anything interesting in the history of either (your business), you (the owner), or you and (the business)?

I trained high profile clients abroad. I would be contracted to 1 client at a time and travel all over the world. To most trainers this would seem to be the dream job, but I always come back to the reason why I went into this industry: “To assist as many people as possible to live a healthy lifestyle through exercise.” I feel with 360 Specialized Training, I have the ability to influence and inspire trainers and in this way I will be able to extend my hand to more people. Training has been the center of my life for many years and I believe the greatest gift you can give someone is an able body.

Is there any other interesting information (or fun facts) about you or your business that many people do not know?

The gym is 360 m2 as well

How would you describe your target market and your current clientèle?

Long term our goal is to make personal training a necessity and open our offerings to a larger target market. But for now, it’s a little more exclusive, but you do get value in the extra group classes offered with Personal training at 360.

What do you think makes a business in your industry successful, or successfully stand out from the rest?

Individual attention and client focus. Too often members/clients of gyms are seen as statistics. This works in a lot of businesses, but in the gym environment, assisting and motivating people with genuine interest reaps far greater benefits.

How do you think you differ from other businesses in your industry? What aspects make you unique?

We don’t lock people into long-term contracts as we pride our ability to keep customers happy and coming back for more. Professional trainers, who are passionate and realistic make every effort to make sure client service is maintained and results are delivered.

Are there any aspects of your business or products that you are particularly proud of?

Our signature group class ‘The Warrior Workout’ brings all the trainers and members together and allows the instructors to freestyle with all the ammo at hand: kettlebells, ropes, powerbags, monkeybars, body-weight exercise and more. Always fun and creates an underlying vibe in the gym.

Is there a central philosophy or mentality that you take with you into your daily work?

Inspire – we are here to teach, not to impress!

How would you describe the aesthetic? Is there something specific in either the look and feel or architecturally that you feel sets you apart from others, or makes you beam from ear to ear?

For now we are merging corporate with industrial while we build a solid reputation in the ever evolving fitness spectrum. Everyone loves the monkeybars, climbing walls and rope features in the gym. But ultimately we rely on the transformation of our clients, and then I can build a ‘real’ gym!! That’s when things get creative.

How would you describe your staff? What kind of person do you look for when hiring, and what level of service do you aim to cultivate?

Hardworking, selfless and eager to learn. A practice what you preach and never stop learning attitude will produce the ‘new age Personal Trainer’: able to specialize in numerous fitness aspects, the ability to transform bodies and gain clients’ confidence, knowledge on outdoor activities, to affiliate with other health professionals and a desire to always want to progress themselves both physically and mentally.

If you could sell your business/your product to me in a few words, what would they be?

One Legion, One Philosophy, One Heartbeat.

Has your business received any accolades? If so, what are they?

Just look at our clients, they are walking trophies of what we represent.

On a serious note, we are judged by our clients as they decide our success or failure. It’s not an industry where you can just rest on your laurels, every second of everyday we have to be in peak form.

I hope you enjoyed a brief insight into 360 Specialized Training.