The aesthetic look of a six pack is what every person wants, however what we really need are hard chiseled abs backed by a strong, unrelenting core, which in modern times, allows us maximum efficiency and power output towards any insane and adrenaline fuelled sport/activity we partake in. MMA, obstacle course racing, surfing, triathlons and even HIIT training require a midsection of mass construction making sure that the rectus abdominis, transverse abdominis, internal and external obliques are all performing as one solid unit, to allow maximum performance.

Your four limbs need a base of support to function from and this is why it’s hugely important to train your abs in a way which benefits you as your sports require complex movements where your body moves as a whole. Your central nervous system doesn’t know muscles, it knows movements and any weakness in the chain will be exposed, so make sure your core is tight and bulletproof so that your levers (limbs) can run wild.

Side plank snatch

Side on, with left arm fully extended, hips off ground and feet on top of each other, grab KB in right hand and explosively, take it from A) the ground to B) fully extended above you. Maintain stability with your two points of contact, return and go again.

3 sets 10 each side

Extensions with reach overs

In a closed position, feet off floor, knees bent and shoulders/back off floor with KB in hands, extend back. Simultaneously extend legs in front of you and as your upper back approaches the floor extend your arms with kettlebell above head to the right and legs will shift slightly to left, keep feet off ground. Bring kettlebell back to chest and close back up before extending back down to the otherside.

3 sets 10 reps (5 each side)


With knees bent, feet on floor, lying on your back, have your right arm extended above your chest with KB. Trying to keep your feet on the ground, sit-up to the top with KB coming overhead. Return down slowly keeping arm extended.

3 sets 10 each side

Russian twists

Sitting up with knees bent, feet off floor and KB in both hands on right side, pick it up, twist, take it over body and place it on other side. Repeat.

3 sets 20 reps

Weighted plank

In a normal plank position, place KB on small of your back. Hold for 60 secs.

3 sets 1 min