It may just look like a cannonball with a handle lying innocently on the floor, however when you pick it up, get creative and use it effectively, the Kettlebell is a phenomenal tool for shaping your body, whichever way you need it! Toned arms and shoulders, a flat stomach and strong athletic legs are just a fraction of the awesome benefits and they will transform your life, your thoughts on traditional training, view on how your body works and wants to move, and really show you the full potential of what your body is capable of. All this may sound like a fairy tale but Kettlebells really make a difference! Make them your weapon of choice for combating fat, increasing lean muscle, rehabilitating weak areas, demanding new strength and scorching your lungs!

Why train with a Kettlebell

Even though Kettlebells have been around for a while now, they are generally very under-utilised and when they are, the choice of exercises are very limited, i.e swing, clean and snatch, so I’ve put some fun, unique and effective exercises together, so now the only thing we require you do to, is to pick them up and go for gold!

Surfer Get ups with Squat Press

3 sets of 6 reps

Lying on the floor with KB’s alongside you, jump up and twist so that KB’s are directly in front of you. Clean them up, rotate to the side you were facing and press them above your head. Spin around so you are facing the other way. Bring KB’s onto shoulders, perform a squat and press and then place KB’s back down to your side. Go back onto the ground and you’ll be facing the other direction and ready to repeat on the other side.

Alternating Cleans

3 sets of 20 reps

Standing with one kb on right shoulder and other in left hand between legs, squat down. As your return up switch kb’s so that the left ends up on shoulder and right between legs. Get into a rhythmical motion, constantly squatting and switching KB’s.

Overhead Swings with Turn

3 sets of 10 reps

With one KB in both hands, create momentum by gently swinging it back in squat position. Use the momentum to swing KB above head and while briefly stabilised in this position, step your feet around so that you are facing the other way. Let the KB swing down, while maintaining a straight back, between your squat and swing it straight back up above your head again and step around in the same direction so that you are facing the original way and keep going. Perform 10 one way and then the other before having a rest.

Windmill with Deadlifts

3 sets of 10 reps

With one KB on right shoulder and a slightly heavier one in left hand between your legs, with your feet shoulder width apart, bend forward as you press and rotate under right one. Keep looking up and maintain a straight right leg, whilst your left is slightly bent and the KB in your left hand just touches the floor. Stand back up straight and bring the right KB back to shoulder before repeating. Do 10 on each side and then have a break.

Alt Rotation Press with Scorpion Push-ups

3 sets of 10

In a push-up position with a KB on the outside of each hand, perform a push-up and bring your right leg under your body to touch KB on your right, then take it underneath you to touch KB on the left and then take it over you to touch KB on left. Bring the leg back and return to an upright position before taking the KB in your right hand, cleaning it onto your shoulder and pressing it above you. Return the KB, perform a push-up, this time using your left leg and then doing a rotation press with your left. Keep going for 10 reps.