The key to a successful training regime is to enjoy it.

Naturally there will be some pain and struggle when you begin, but once overcome will give you a changed life. Even though it’s available to all, only a lucky few reside here.

The decision to start takes the longest, however the first 3-4 weeks is most crucial. The majority of people motivate themselves to start and then drop out, only to keep repeating this cycle throughout their life times. They are regular gym goers and are consistently losing 5kgs – unfortunately it’s the same 5kgs every time.

Why? It’s pretty simple, they are setting themselves away from goals, the motivation comes from not wanting to look a certain way (a negative place).

So while this may get you going, ultimately it’s doomed to fail as often the training is aggressive, not maintainable & unrealistic.

Set continuous ‘towards to’ goals, which are achievable – train 2/week for 3 weeks. This will create results momentum. Then try look at an exercise you’d like to improve. Maybe through learning squat technique, you’d like to see yourself front squatting a certain weight or see the skill level improve – overhead squat. Then from here incorporate a sport or activity you enjoy, so that the training has more purpose & you can get more specific – pull ups for rock climbing.

Here’s a quick question to set you free – What would you be doing if your body was 100% of how you wanted it to look & with optimum performance?

Think big as you are completely uninhibited. Scaling Everest? Surf trip to Hawaii? Cape Epic? It could be multiple things. You get my point.

Work your goals back from there. After all, if you can think it, you can do it!