Lunge forward & back with twist into Push-ups with rotation on ball

Standing with ball on chest, go forward into a lunge, work with 90 degrees in both legs and make sure your front knee doesn’t track over your foot. Stay in a lunge, extend ball out in front and rotate to side, keeping core tight. Bring ball back in line with chest, pull arms in and as you step up, take your front foot straight back into a backward lunge, rotate ball to other side. Keep going forward and back before changing. Forward & back = 1 rep.

In a push-up position with 1 hand on the ball, push-up, roll the ball to other hand. With your hand on the ball and arm in full extension, take arm off the floor so upper arm is in full extension and pointing towards ceiling. Bring arm back to floor, push-up and repeat on other side.

5 reps each side and then 10 reps x 3 sets

Squat & swing into Plank with alternating knee through on ball

Holding the ball with arms in full extension, go down into a squat and touch ball on floor on the outside of your right foot, in a smooth motion, creating an arc effect, as you stand back up, swing the ball, arms still full extended to 45 degrees of your left shoulder, repeat on same side for all your reps before changing.

In a top push-up position with both hands on the ball, bring one knee in, over the ball, keeping your foot off the ground. Stabilize for a few seconds before taking your foot back to start position and repeating on other side.

10 reps each side and then into 10 reps x 3 sets

Alternating lunge with rotation and shoulder press into narrow grip chest press on ball

With ball on chest, lunge forward, with 90 degrees in both legs, rotate your body inside your front leg. Keep pushing your back knee down as you shoulder press the ball up above your head. Bring ball back to chest, rotate to straight and stand back up. Repeat on other side.

In a push-up position with both hands on the ball, keep your core tight, bring your chest to ball and push back up.

10 reps into 10 reps x 3 sets

Alternating lateral lunges with chest press into jump push-ups onto ball.

With ball on chest, go into a side lunge, bend the leg which is stepping out into a squat whilst keeping other leg straight. Press ball out in front of you while maintaining the side lunge. Bring ball back and then stand back up. Repeat on other side.

With both hands on the floor with ball resting on your chest, explode up and grab ball with both hands, arms fully extended. Do a push-up on ball, before jumping back down with hands wide of ball.

10 reps into max reps x 3 sets